Minimed Challenges

I have been on Minimed pumps for 28 years. Been a fierce advocate for the company, Love their product.

I recently had a sensor transmitter crack and fail as of Tuesday last week (Minimed Model 551 Pump). My warranty expires February 22nd. So it is a challenging situation since the pump will (should) be replaced in late Feb with a 670G, but in the meantime paying $700 out-of-pocket for an obsolete transmitter that will not work with the 670G in <90 makes little logical sense.

I contacted Minimed for assistance in getting pre-approval to go head with the replacement. I was told by my regional salesman that Medtronic has a company policy in place the insurance carriers that will not allow they to assist with pre-approval within the warranty period. So, I have been working directly with United Health (UHC) (who do not have an issue with the “early” replacement). However, I am having to go to Minimed for information, then to the endo, then to Minimed, then to UHV (and back again). All the while, the insurance rep at UHC is asking why Minimed does not help as it is an automated web based process for them.

The was a time, not too long ago, when Minimed was our advocate. They would fight with us and our Endo’s to support pump therapy and push insurers to get on the bus. It appears Minimed has decided their new marketing strategy is to get in bed with insurance companies to maximum their profits. Their original corporate philosophy of “support the patients and profitability will follow” has unfortunately been lost.

After 28 years of being a Minimed supporter and advocate, I am tempted to try Tandem. While they are a little behind in the technology development, their customer support seems no worse, and goodness knows Minimed needs real competition. **** shame…would love to know your opinions on Tandem support experiences.

Like you Charles @mday, I have only used MiniMed pumps - currently the #523 which is out of warranty since May 2018. The glucose sensors intended for use with that pump were extremely inaccurate and ridiculously expensive - I’m in my late 70’s and have been on Medicare which will NOT subsidize Medtronic sensors.
I began using Dexcom sensors once Medicare approved their use and will most likely change to the Tandem t-Slim x2 when Medicare will agree - Medicare insists that we use pumps for at least one year after expiration of warranty.
I had experienced really good Customer Service with Medtronic when ever I needed them, but when I upgraded to the #523 Medtronic sales abandoned me partway through the process - I was in-line to get the #550 or the latter version that was already in use.

Before you consider changing to a different pump tandem x2 instead of minimed pump do some research on the t2 the company has not been around all that long and there claim to fame is only this pump. we have seen companies come and go examples cgm companies. Do you or would you want to chance a company who don’t have a long track record. Medtronic has been around for a long time. Medtronic, tandem and all of them all ( work for the man ) thats the way it is, has been and always will be. Sometimes it pays and people listen if you have a HISSEY FIT just saying, to get you to your intended destination.