Minimed Paradigm and Revel?

Hi all, I am out of warranty for my Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm 722 and I'm leaning towards upgrading to the MiniMed Revel pump. So anyone who has one of those two or has had them, tell me what you think of them (well really, the Revel--I know about mine already(: I've had it for 4 years!) Just some opinions or experiences. Thanks everyone!

I got the Revel as soon as it came out and I really like it. It works well with the CGMS. It delivers the insulin in smaller basal rates. It has alerts and predictive alerts that can be set, (and can be turned off for a period of time if necessary). It has many safety features, such as asking if you are disconnected before filling the tubing etc. I recommend it.

It's basically like what you already have.  There are some upgrades if you use a CGM, but  otherwise it's about the same.  

okay, thanks!