MiniMed Paradigm Availability

Hey guys

Not sure if anyone would be able to help me here but I have sent 3 emails to various people who work for Medtronic and deal with the diabetes pump support but have had no reply and it's been a week, maybe because of the holiday season and so on.

So my question just was that I'm really looking to go on a pump, and a reliable one and I would love to try out the CGMS so I've been researching for a while and so far it seems that the only pump that I was looking at that might be available here in Africa (most likely South Africa) is the Minimed Paradigm because there is a Medtronic Headquarters in South Africa, Johannesburg but whether or not they provide the Minimed Paradigm I do not know.

Wondering if anyone can help me with this or direct me somewhere where I can get an answer?

Thanks :)


You may want to try calling Minimed directly......

   Here is the number for Minimed in Africa +27 (0) 11 677 4800


Good Luck!  

Hey Kristy

Thanks so much for your help! Much appreciated :)

EDIT: I phoned them, and they're closed already for the holidays (why my emails weren't answered) but they gave me the basics and said I should phone again on the 5th Jan. :) So thanks!

Minimed Paradigm pumps: awesome. Mine is named Rex :)

CGM: ouch... not my favorite gadget in the world :)


Good to hear the pump is good, why don't you like the CGM ( just wondering since I'm about to get it :D )

You will actually probably like it; I haven't seen anyone else yet that has not, nor have I come across someone who’s had the same experiences with it as I have. However, in my personal experience with the CGM, they've pulled out more often than they've stayed in. I've had it where it pulls out the same day I put it in, which I find bothersome. The most use I've gotten out of one is... 5-6 days? (I know, I know - they're approved for 3 days, but my doctors said they actually worked well for about 6 or 7) And besides that, they hurt. It's pretty rough. I had this one where after inserting it I got really dizzy, vision went dark, yada yada yada. Needless to say I've always been nervous around them ever since, but I still wear them occasionally. When mine pull out, it hurts pretty bad as well, seeing as the sensor is pulling in and out constantly. I don't like the blood particularly well, either, which is kind of ridiculous considering I do finger pricks and it doesn't ever bother me.
Not to scare you off from the CGM. The magical wonderness of seeing your blood sugar graphs is.. magical. Naw, just kidding. But it is pretty cool.