Minimed pump/cgm

I just stopped using my Omnipod and got the Medtronic Minimed Revel/CGM... I put the CGM on my stomach, but dont really like it there...I'm not one to wear my infusion set for my pump there either. Do any of you wear them anywhere else??

Also, this is the first 3 days I've worn the sensor, and am concerned about the pain! I've been diabetic for 17 years, been on the pump for about 8 years, so pain doesnt bother me...But putting that needle in for the CGM sensor hurt so bad! The first one got stuck half way into my stomach, and I had to take it out and put a new one on in a different spot. Suck it up, I know...haha..Which I would have, if the pain would have gone away after I took the needle out..But it took almost 30 HOURS before I could even bend down or touch it. I made sure I didn't put it anywhere that would rub on my jeans, or be in the way of bending over too!
Now, no problem! Wearing the sensor and everything feels fine.. Maybe I just hit a bad spot?

Any suggestions would be of much help! I've left the Minimed educator in my area many messages to try and set up an appt. but so far, she hasn't called back.


I found the Minimed CGM to be really painful on my stomach.  No idea why - I wear my Dexcom CGM on my side/stomach no problem.  I also wear my Minimed pump sites on my stomach, but the CGM insertions were horrendous and like you, hurt all the time.    Then I found that I could put the sensor in my thigh, half way between top and inside - if top of thigh is 12 o'clock, i put it at like 10.    I would put it about 1/3 of the way down towards my knee.    Hope this helps.

I have the CGM from Medtronic and yes, it does hurt to inject. I put the CGM on my stomach. I recommend trying to find the right angle--the feet of the sen-serter rest on the skin naturally but I actually put it on my stomach a little higher so that it's more of a 60 degree angle than a 45 degree angle. I hope that made sense. The pain doesn't bother me as much as it did initially and I've been using it for about a year now. The force of the needle and the gauge is thicker--that part never changes. Good luck, it works great if you find the right settings.

Also, I forgot to mention. I use four strips of IV-3000 tape/dressings over the CGM to form an airtight bandage over the CGM so there is really no rubbing at all and is great in the shower.

Since this post, I have put my last two sensors in my stomach and no problem!! whew!! Maybe I just hit a bad spot or something on that first one. I may try my thigh next round, and see how that goes. I'm just worried about if the transmitter will pick it up...I know it says it will pick it up within 6 feet..But i'm having such problems! I put my pump site on the left side of my stomach, and the CGM on my right side of the stomach...Needless to say, with my pump being on the left side of my body, it wont pick up the signal, I have to tuck the tube in my pants and put it on the other side. But maybe my thigh would be okay! :)Thanks for the advice!

I noticed if I make a bigger angle, it goes in better. Guess it just took a little trial and error! Thanks for the help! :)

I have found the best place for my CGM is on my backside. Not quite on my cheek but more the back kind of fatty part of my hip. I feel no pain there and it is not in my way. i had issues with my tummy too. The only issue I sometimes have is if I am sleeping a funny position and my pump is under me or something odd like that where it loses its connection to the CGM.

I had a similar issue - any time I've tried to put it in my stomach - it hurt!  I found that putting it at the top of my leg didn't hurt at all.  Now I keep rotating around the top of my legs and hips with no issues.  Occasionally I've tried to go back to my stomach, but it never turns out well.

Minimed sell a SINGLE ex-large patch to cover the CGM - it's better than 3 or 4 smaller ones (for me).  I usually find that higher on my stomach is less painful -- but it's difficult to do abs at the gym ...