Minimed quickset inserter

haha! its all about site problems for me today, isnt it? first was the current topic, then the bent tubing.

ok, so today i was going to use my spare inserter for the first time. but when my mom stuck the infusion set in it, it wouldnt go in the same way the other one did. the one we normaly used was given to me by a nurse at the hospital who had diabetes (and had been using it. she gave it to me because the hoospital ran out) ithe new one looked fine, it just was sticking out a bit more. but then we went to put it in me and it fell out. the one i usually use, the infusion set sits in it so that the tape is right against the plastic of the inserter. but on the new one, it is a few millimeters above the plastic. i hope that makes sense. is there anything wrong with it?

I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying you use the 6mm or 9mm canulas? It could be that the new inserter is meant for the 6mm canulas, and you've been using a 9mm one. I'm not sure, though...

there are different inserters for different tubing lengths?!?!?!?!

No, it's the canula length (the part that goes inside of you). I'm not sure if there are different size inserters for different lengths, but if there are, then that might be the problem. I use the 9mm canulas. But I'm on the Animas Ping pump and use the insets, which are pre-loaded, so I can't really give you an educated answer about the minimed inserter. You should check into that though- see if there are different size inserters for different size canulas.