MiniMed sensor

I have a Minimed sensor that does not work. When I called the company, they said they are only insured for 6 months and mine is over that time. I told them that it has not been working for a while. They said it was a Canadian version of the sensor and did not know how I got it. They said I am on my own without insurance but would gladly replace it if I let them know when I get insurance. MiniMed sucks for that reason. I have severe lows and have had several hypoglycemic episodes and the sensor has really helped me out with reducing the lows tremendously.  I find that I now have several lows and have a much more difficult time controlling my lows.  I also was arrested in December for OUI when I was having a hypoglycemic episode while behind the wheel of my car and did $15000 damage to it.  This could have been avoided if I was wearing my sensor as I was not drinking and the officer did not know the signs of diabetes. My BS was 31 while I was at the state police station. So I blame it all on my bad control and the fact that i should have stopped to check my BS more often on the way home in the snow this past December. Still, MiniMed could have exchanged my sensor and sent me a new one with the return of my old one and they could have helped a long time customer out.  Instead I'm hoping I can find someone who has great insurance that can take this sensor and exchange it or someone who might not use the sensor and can sell it to me for a great price. 

Well, that's a bummer.  :(  How weird, that if they knew they had sent you the wrong kind of sensor in the first place, they wouldn't replace it?  I've never used MiniMed's products or used their customer service, but that sounds...  not the best way to treat customers. 

I hope things work out for you.

Have you contacted your local rep about them sending you a Canadian sensor, and not one for US? I would start there and see what they maybe able to do for you.