MiniMed Sensor's and Mac/Apple Computers

I have been working on using the MiniMed Sensor for about a year.  Partly I think that I don't get the most out of it because it is difficult for me to look at my overall trends.  I have a Mac/Apple computer.  I was never told that the interface doesn't work with a Mac prior to getting it.  I don't understand why the company doesn't write the CareLink web interface so that it will work with the FireFox web browser (which is platform independent).  It would not cost the company that much money, especially when you consider how much R&D they already have in the product.  I can not be the only diabetic using Apple products.  

Is anyone else out there in the same shoes as me?  How can we start a petition to let the company know that they need to deal with it?

Every time I talk with MiniMed I pretty much get told that they just won't do anything about it.  Strange to me that a technology company would want to close themselves out of the largest growing segment of the pc market....

I use a Mac right now and it bothers me that I can't use carelink with my mac. I still have a PC but it is a glorified paperweight most of the time. Eventually, I will get a new mac and probably use bootcamp or something to put windows on it, than I will be covered. I do wish though things worked that easily. However, this is the world we live in. Apple products may eventually get the support we need, but some tech companies are still in denial even when the proof is right in front of them.

I have a mac as well and have had continuous conversations with MM people about this same issue! Everything is compatible with mac and pc these days why wouldn't MM want to target both PC and MAC when I spoke to them they said not enough people are on macs to make it work on both operating systems ummm hello? are they kidding me?

The thing that annoys me the most about this is that life would be easier if all things were compatible with each other. I mean if we could get MM to work on configuring the program to run through Firefox it would be a little easier than getting them to tailor it to a mac. Since IE has so many hacks it could happen in that way.

I am looking for solutions, I guess there is an applet that lets you run Firefox as if it were IE, but it is only PC based, if I ever find one for Mac I will pass it on. It could at least be a better fix.

Hi Brian !

Problem is not that Firefox isn't used... Theoretically if MM people wouldn't be such a*******, they could make their applet work on Firefox too, but you still wouldn't be able to use it on Mac... This java applet is not pure java, which means that it is linked to OS specific binary, so it goes so

Browser   --- >  Applet    --->    library_java_2_serial --->  OS Specific serial driver --->  MM Device

Browser could be any that allows java applets, but as you can see there you have library_java_2_serial, this one is problem. You need different for each OS (and also different kernel, sometimes).

They could do even that if they wanted, because I think that library they use can do that, or they could use another such library, which supports different OSes... There are many sollutions, to all our problems, but we are dependent on their willingness to provide them...