MiniMed Sensors, Quick Set Infusion Set, and Reservoir Help

Hello. My niece no longer qualifies for Medicaid, which is a good thing in regards to her getting on her own two feet. It is not a good thing in regards to her diabetes supplies she needs. She now is enrolled in her works insurance, however, a $1000 deductible must be met before it will pay for anything. With this Covid-19, her husband and son have both been laid off and she is about to be laid off or her hours cut in half.
Anyone know of where she can get help for any of the following medical supplies? Or if anyone has some they are no longer in need of, and wouldn’t mind giving them to her? She has to have this stuff and I am greatly concerned.
She is almost or completely out of these things.

  1. MiniMed Guardian 3 Sensor for Guardian Link Transmitter - SHE IS COMPLETELY OUT OF !
  2. Medtronic MiniMed MMT-394 Quick Set Infusion Set
  3. MiniMed Reservoir MMT332A 3ml 10 Count

We have contacted Medtronic directly, tried JDRF solutions they list for help, and even tried local assistance houses.
Thank you for any help in this matter. We appreciate it!