Minimed sucks! >:o


is it just me or does anybody else think that minimed is so stupid and the way they operate is completely unfunctional??

this is not the 1st time ive had problems with minimed! >:O


im running low on supplies so they were nice enough to send me an emergency stash

but when i get the box, all they sent me were 4 packs of sillouttes! -___-

uh hello?!?!?!? where am i suppose to store the insulin? no reservoir?? R U KIDDING ME?!?!?

what was even the point of sending me the sillouttes? where am i gonna store the insulin!?!?

i am so pissed rite now!!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID MINIMED I SWEAR!

honestly here, is there anywhere i can get my supplies from? or am i stuck in this stupid relationship? >:/


Oh, I understand your frustration.  I had to go through CCS Medical to get my supplies because they're more efficient and reliable.  You should try them.  I've never had any problems with them.  Plus, you never run out of supplies because they set you up on a 3 month automatic refill.  If you ever want to switch supplies, like from the silhouette to the quick serter or from Nova Max monitor and test strips to Freestyle, you don't have to get a prescription from your doctor, they'll just switch it at your request.  Only if you need to change the quantity of your supplies do they need a new prescription from your doctor.  If you ever need an emergency supply, they rush deliver to you.  Like when Minimed had the recall on Lot 8s and they said that if you send them back all your Lot 8s, then they'll replenish you with new  ones...well, I never got my replenishment!  So, I was running low on the quick sets and I called CCS.  They immediately sent me a month's supply.  Then they talked with Minimed and sorted it out so that for the next couple of shipments from CCS were not charged to my insurance, but instead were credited from Minimed.  You can call CCS Medical at 1-800-495-1952.  Sorry for your woes.

omg  @.@

really?!?!?! so this mean i never have to deal with minimed again?!?!?! :DDDDD

yes yes!!1 i would love to switch!! anything is better than the hassle of minimed!!

but wait wait, i think ive tried quick sets or whatever theyre called =S dont they fall out easily???

i mean i think thats what happened when i tried em out, but compared to the siloutte infusion sets,

the quick sets dont stay on very well =[

hmmmm. ill check it out. but thanks!!

Oh, I've  haven't had problems with the quick sets...but if you go through CCS Medical, they have pretty much everything.  So, if silhouettes are what you use, you can order them from CCS.  Sorry, I didn't mean that you had to switch over...I was just using my experience with Minimed and CCS as an example. 

Good luck!

I use National Diabetic Supply, they used to be Liberty Medical (I think).  They are fine, except that they take 18 months to get the insurance payments straight and send me a bill.

i know what your going through. I have minimed and they are terrible i only get 1 bot of sure t's and only 1 box MAYBE of resivours and it takes like a week to deliver. They aren't very reliable. I'm swithing to Animis this month hopfully. check out the website they are SO much better compared to minimed

I've only been with Minimed for about a month, but I haven;t had this problem, everything has gotten here within 3 days, and we got the quickserter for free cause the lady felt really bad for me cause I got the pump before Christmas, but i don't get to start until next saturday

we have been with minimed since the end of november.. needless to say i odered products on the 23rd of november and did not recieve them in time.. i was so low that we had an emergency (one ripped out) i had to have the school officials meet me at the school on a sunday night at 9 pm to get our emergency back up one!  then the next day mini med says they havent even shipped our order yet!  WHAT!!!!????? it was a month!  so now i have three sets left and still have not recieved my order for this month! let me remind you... the three i have are supposed to be my spares so technically I should have 0 left!

Thanks to our doctor for giving us a few spares due to the last emergency!  

P.S.  I think this all means Im not impressed with them either.

I've been on minimed since 2006, I've had some issues as is expected from anyone who handles medical stuff or insurence policies. But other than that I've always been quite happy with it