MiniMed switch to tandem feedback?

Hi Indy :wave:

The x2 is here and it’s hard at work :wink:
Dexcom is just amazing. Very happy with the switch so far - even with the learning curves and BG rollercoasters.


That’s AWESOME!! Have patience cuz trying to work out ur numbers can be a little crazy but if I remember correctly you’ve been on a pump before. Good luck & happy holidays!!!

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Hi Amber @ANC8495, happy to hear that you are finding your pump “AWESOME” - so far. I’ve been using mt t-Slim x2 for just over 11 months and heave really liked its features - especially the really easy to read screen - with my weak eyes.

I don’t remember if you are using a CGM, but just a couple of days ago I upgraded to a Dexcom G6 [from G5] and yesterday implemented Basal IQ and the AWESOME system automatically suspended my pump a few times keeping my from going below the 78 mg/dl which I had set as my "low threshold - after I see that working well, I’ll change to the default 70 mg/dl.

My suggestion for you, take the time to read you entire pump manual [available on the Tandem site] and you will find the x2 very rewarding; I’ve begun reading the manual for the Control IQ which was approved only a few days ago by US FDA - I want to implement that when it is release in about a month.

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@Dennis Tandem updated the simulator with control-iq functionality. You can mess around with it and see what options are now non customizable like having the IOB fixed at 5 hours instead of being able to set whatever time limit you want. Personally, I can’t stand this being fixed at 5 hours. Not sure why the weight parameter is mandatory for control-iq to be active either. The more I read about control-iq and play with the simulator, the more I hate it.

Click to download the t:simulator™ App and check out the t:slim X2™ Pump.

Staying open and optimistic!

With the x2 paired with the G6, I’m able to see my trend lines and treat accordingly.

My biggest issue right now is high(er) blood sugars, which right now is GREAT news. My last A1C (October) was 6.2%, but it was because of my lower range BG’s (31-80). Since starting the x2, I’ve been a bit on the high side (expected by me and my Endo, no biggie), but we are slowly tweaking my numbers to get me back to normal. :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays to you as well! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Happy Holidays Dennis!

Yes, my Dexcom G6 shipped in October. I used that alongside my 670g until the x2 shipped early December. This, paired with the G6 has saved me from a couple of hypo episodes in the middle of the night.

The transition wasn’t too easy for us as the delivery settings I had for the 670g didn’t pair “seamlessly” with the x2… :exploding_head:

2 weeks in and the numbers are starting to looking better. No matter what, Basal IQ has saved me from so many lows that my Dexcom Clarity summary doesn’t show that I’m a Hypo Risk anymore (I was always High Risk on that thing). If Basal IQ is helping with the night lows, I can definitely get these highs corrected :wink:.

I did download the simulator, but it speeds past one of the Control IQ features when it plays the scenario out (I have Tool Tips enabled)

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Amber, I will enjoy my Christmas holidays and Hanukkah too - yes, I have a diverse family. Plenty of really awesome aromas rising from the kitchen.

I too found that my settings didn’t transfer exactly from my MiniMed #523 to the t-Slim, but in the long range, now almost a year, with the t-Slim my TIR has been really good. I’m still on my first G6 sensor and first week using basal IQ and I’m thankful for the auto-suspend - automatically suspended 9 times in the past 12 hours.

About four years ago, two endocrinologists seeing me independently strongly recommended that I push my HbA1c up to about 6.5 because of my hypo unawareness - this month my lab A1c was 6.2% and the finger-stick A1c, done by the PA my insurance company periodically send to check-up on me, was 5.4% [the finger-stick A1c are always ridiculously low]. My Clarity hypo risk now reads “minimal” - thankfully! EMS should be happy not being called to awaken me when my BG goes back down to 10 mg/dl.

Enjoy your Holidays and may 2020 be the year that Control IQ keeps us in-range - that we only need to keep intelligent oversight of pump operations.

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@Jason1, I can understand both the 5 hour fixed duration and the reason for entering weight.

  • Five hour duration for rapid-acting insulin, both aspart and lispro, commonly have this duration, so I suppose this value is locked in to minimize insulin stacking by the system [CYA, for Tandem], and was probably a safety feature demanded by US FDA.
  • A few years ago, a group I belong to [The Medalists], did an informal study that collected data including a person’s weight and total insulin and basal insulin usage - there appeared to be an implied relationship. I suspect the folks at UVA who developed the algorithm used by Control IQ confirmed the co-relationship.

The Medalist survey to which I refer is not one of the formal, published papers.

My humalog lasts 4 hours and not a second longer. Having the pump assume my insulin is still working way past it’s limit is dangerous. The folks who use Fiasp are very concerned about this because Fiasp lasts about 3 hours. Why this parameter can’t be adjusted is just plain stupid.

My T-Slim comes tomorrow! I cannot wait!!!

I got my T-slim 2 with Control IQ on Friday, started using it on Saturday after reading the manual and watching many youtube videos and I LOVE it!!! can’t really wear it on my bra strap but for everything else that it does I don’t really care!! highly recommend this thing in connection with the Dexcom G6! thank you all for your feedback :slight_smile:

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