Mio Infusion Sets by Minimed

Does anyone use the MIO infusion set from Medtronic Minimed? I recently started using it and I have found that everytime I put a new set in my blood sugar goes really high for the first few hours. It's like it takes the new set about 5-8 hours to start working. Then it is fine. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Don't use Mio, but are you priming the pump (so drops of insulin appear at end of the canula before you insert it) and are you also doing a fixed prime?  The standard higher fixed prime is .5u.  If you're doing that and it's not working, ask your doctor's office or diabetes educator on advice for setting a different prime.  

I use the Mio and haven't had any issues with that, I know I always worry that because of how the tubing is, I worry that is goes in completely sometimes. Not sure about going crazy high though. I would ask you healthcare provider..

I always prime. I prime until I see the insulin coming out of the tube just to be safe.  I've had the pump for almost 10 years so I know how to do everything. My diabetes educator said she and some of her patients have this problem too.

That's so frustrating.  Sounds like the infustion sets aren't working for you.  Have you tried Silhouette or Sure T set?