I'm thinking about switching to the Mio infusion set (I use a Quickset right now), and I was wondering if anyone uses it already or has tried it and has any advice. (pros, cons, whatever.) Thanks!

Hey kiwispinner!

A while ago, a person named Becca wrote the same question in the Minimed pump wearer group... I'm having trouble finding it, but there weren't too many responses there.... anyways, this is the response I gave to her as well

I used the Silhouette with the silserter before. I tried and enjoyed the Mio. I found that its a bit more difficult to reach all my usual spots compared to the Silhouette. The Mio really seemed to require both my hands to insert. One to hold the tubing down and one to pinch the top plastic piece to remove the inserter piece.

Other than that, I found the Mio very comfortable and pretty reliable. I have to admit that I've had 2 cases in the past several months where something was wrong with the catheter delivery and I had high blood sugars until I was able to change the set. In both cases, I think the infusion set wasn't tightly pressed on my skin before I removed the inserter piece. 

The reason I stay with the Mio is that I have less irritation than the Sihouette. I can also have the set on me longer than the Silhouette (4-5days vs 3) and the adhesive area is smaller with the Mio. I still keep some Silhouette infusion sets around for when I know I'll be in the sun a lot, like a biking trip or camping overnight. Its also a good set when I know I'll be playing with kids or running around a lot.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask more questions about it!


I switched from the Silhouettes to Mio last July and I really like them. I like not having to carry around the Silserter. To me, the Mio is very easy to use and insert. The infusion set adhesive seems to be very strong. The one thing that is a little difficult is to pull the infusion set off after 3 days; that's because there's very little tape to grap hold of around the edges of the infusion set, but this to me is a minor inconvenience. I've never used a Quickset so I cannot compare the two. But so far I'm pleased with the set. My problem was deciding which tubing length to go with . . .the 23" one or the longer one.

Thanks! That's really helpful!

the longer the better on the tubing!  I would rather bounce it off the floor than it pull out of my site!


AND - i have always used the quicket and found it to work great.  It goes 5 to 7 days no problem. (My opinion)

I used the quickset for about 8 years and I started using the mio a few months ago. For me, the mio is so much better than the quickset. The insertion is a lot easier for me. It hurts less and doesn't have the gunshot-like sound/feel that the quickset has. The mio has made insertion a much easier task. I had a lot of problems with inserting the quickset.

I've also noticed that I haven't had any site failures since I started using the mio.

Me personally, I LOVE the Mio! I tried it here after my last endo appoinment and i thought it was really comfortable! I use the quickset infusion set and in comparison, they are the same almost. THe mio does create a lot of waste, but it didnt hurt as bad as the quick set when it was insterted.

Pro: less pain

Con: lots more waste, click tabs(im not used to the click tabs)