Miscarriages common in diabetics...anyone have experience?

"Why am I the one coping with a miscarriage? You're coping with pregnancy loss because it can happen to anybody — regardless of race, health, economic class, age, or other factors. Don't turn the responsibility inward: It wasn't your fault, you are not to blame, and you didn't do anything to deserve this. Certain factors may have increased your risk: Women over 35 are more likely to miscarry than women in their 20s, certain uterine abnormalities can play a role as can genetic or immune factors, and having certain diseases or disorders such as diabetes, lupus, or low progesterone may also contribute. But many perfectly healthy women have miscarriages every year. Be kind to yourself, and try not to compound your sadness with guilt. Any woman can wind up coping with a miscarriage, and few will ever know why."

So I did have one last October and was wondering how many women or men's wives have gone through this?


yup I did when i was 19, but I was told it had nothing to do with my diabetes. The egg simply didn't attach like it was suppose to. They call it a "incomplete pregnancy". Miscarriages ARE common in a lot of women, I know quite a few women who have had at least one. There's a lot of different factors that can result in a miscarriage.  It's sad when it happens, it's painful as hell, but eventually you'll almost forget it ever happened and move on with your life, and if you wish, have a healthy pregnancy down the road.

I remember being told when I was younger that if a woman is sexually active and not using protection, it's likely when her period is late and then comes really heavy, that she's probably miscarrying a pregnancy that didn't take. I donno if that's true or not, I've never looked it up.

Batts I think I heard the same thing about that...I was told as well that it had nothing to do with my diabetes I just find it discouraging when I read about bad things happening and they almost always link it to diabetes :(

They could link almost EVERYTHING to diabetes if they really wanted to. They do it because there's always a chance diabetes can cause this or that. It doesn't mean it will for everyone, that it will always be the reason, etc..but i agree it is discouraging when you read stuff like that. it's like a lot of diabetes education, just generalized in case it does factor in.

Never had a miscarriage.  I've had one healthy pregnancy.

I'm sure miscarriages are more common if a diabetic is having extreme high or low blood sugars.  But for the average healthy diabetic I wouldn't think the risk would be higher.