Miscarriages due to diabetes

My name is Rose and I am 29 years old. I have had type 1 diabetes since the age of 8. In 2005, I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy. He is now 5 years old. I developed post pardum after giving birth and did not take very good care of myself. Since giving birth, I have been pregnant 3 times. All of those pregnancies ending in miscarriage. My last pregnancy was in  January. At the start of my pregnancy I had an A1C of 9.4 (I know its horrible!!!!). I have been working very hard to get my A1C down to what it needs to be in order to have a successful pregnancy. Is there anyone out there that has some advice or has been in a similar situation?? Has anyone had a successful pregnancy after miscarrying several times?? I really want another baby but Im starting to feel like it will never happen for me. 

HUGS and I hope things work out for the best for you. I have no advice to give you as my 6 year wasjust dxg 3 weeks ago. 

It is a roller coaster ride with kids. My son was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and we still have ups and downs. He is just now admitting that he has diabetes! For him it was a huge step to say that he was diabetic. He would tell us that he wasnt and that he didnt want his shots because he didnt need them but he is getting better with it. I hope that your child deals with it better being that shes a few years older. If you ever need to talk about it get in touch with me. I have a double perspective. I have type 1 and have a child with it. It does get better eventually :-)

Hi Rose.

I don't have diabetes, but I can relate to having a condition that makes childbirth difficult. My first son was premature (he's the one with diabetes) and I had to take fertilty pills to get pregnant with him. My second pregnancy ended in a late miscarriage. My third was a full term, healthy baby. I just gave birth to another premature baby.

Keep your head up. ((((((BIG HUG))))))


I think God gives us trials and tribulations he knows we can handle and he knows when we are ready for a child. I was 18 when I first miscarried and 21 when I had a still born at 27 weeks. But I wasnt taking care of my diabetes and my body. I was wanting a baby so bad BUT I wasnt ready for one by any means. God however knew I was ready when I was 22 and started taking care of myself a little more. I think he thought I still needed a little PUSH so he blessed me with a beautiful healthy 6 lbs 9 once girl and now she is a smart one of a kind (know it all) 5 year old! I must say loosing my first two children was a soul crusher but I had to learn how to see it through his eyes! Good luck and keep pushing!

Rose, sorry to hear about your miscarriages. ): That must be really painful to go through. If your doctors think it's due to poor D control, at least you know what you have to do to increase the changes of a healthy outcome? (Of course, knowing, that some things are just out of our control!). I'll be sending you good thoughts in getting your a1c down and hopefully you'll have luck.

I'm wishing you good luck in decreasing your A1C before another pregnancy.  If your A1C is good and this occurred again, then I would get some testing done to find a cause.  I've read stories of a few diabetic women who had multiple miscarriages, found out the reason like low progesterone or a bleeding disorder and later on were able to have a second child.

thank you. I am trying very hard to get myself in the right place with my diabetes and then I am going to try again :-)

thank you !!!

I also have had miscarriages due to type 1. My A1C was also high at the time and I know how you feel. I am in the same place that you are. My doctor has a goal that my A1C be 5.5 before I try to get pregnant again. It is hard, if you ever want to talk I can empathize.