Missed Period

Ok so I was just recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on August 26th.  My last period was on August 18th and I am currently on the birth control pill.  I should've gotten my period this week but nothing.  I'm starting to get a little concerned because my cycles have always been regular.  I just recently went to the gyno for my annual so I don't believe that I could be pregnant but I am starting to wonder what is going on.  Maybe the stress and everything with what happened has effected me??? Can diabetes cause your cycles to be irregular???  I don't know.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



The above link is a thread about irregular cycles and what some of our personal experiences are with them.There is also another issue addressed. I believe that stress could play a big part in your cycle being "off". I personally believe Diabetes is the cause of never having a regular cycle for me. Maybe talk to your endo/gyno. about this concern, to see what their opinion is on it. Hope this helps.