MODY diabetes and me :D

Hi My name is Jess and I am far from your typical diabetic :) I have Mature Onset diabetes of the youth  which is a gentic form of diabetes. I have had hypos all my life before the onset of diabetes. The production of insulin is varieid for me making me extremely senstive to insulin. MODY is not auto-immune like down syndrome is caused by a wonky gene varient. There are 7 varients of the MODY gene and still genes yet to be discovered. Each effects a person a different way and each responds uniquely to different treatments. The type of MODY I have responds most of the time to sulf based oral pills however I prefer insuiln. I have even pumped insulin using a Animas 2020 by basal rate was 0.025 and my carb to insulin ratio for fast acting insuln is a 1/2 unit per 30 carbs.  MODY is like taking type 1 and type 2 and throwing them together in one body :) and I will add for claritys sake that I am currently spliting 1 unit of lantus all day. 1/2 U in the am and 1/2 U in the PM

If you have any questions about MODY ask and I can try to answer :)

love ya,


how did they know you were MODY and not Type 1? Is there a blood test that can check this? what is the normal A1c of someone with MODY?

you can get a test to see if you have antibodies for type 1 and type 2. if you have neither then they assume you are 1.5. But you can test to see which type of MODY you have (although, not all the genes are known.) also the testing is very expensive and few insurances cover it.