Mom Group in Chicago


I am looking to get a group together in the Chicagoland area for mom's that have children with dibabetes.  If you are interested please let me know. I would enjoy getting together with others to share experiences.

I live in Chicago and have a son who was diagnosed about a month ago. I would be interested in getting together with a group.

Hi Lea

Great to meet you!  My son was diagnosed in December so we are probably experiencing the same things right now.  I would love to get together and chat. Where are you located in the Chicago area?  I am on the North side of Chicago. 

Hi Lea and Kaprice -- I work for JDRF here in Illinois. I know of a JDRF volunteer who is starting up a Chicago support group, and I also have a larger list of support groups run by non-JDRF volunteers. If you could -- please email me at and I can share this information with you offline.

Thank you!

Christine Potempa