"Mommy, I'm feeling low."

This is what my son just came to me and said.  I tested him and he was at 52.  Not that I'm glad that he's low, but I praised him for recognizaing the symptoms and telling me.  I told him that it's important that he let somebody know when he's feeling this way.  I feel like we just scored a victory!

Good for him!!!!  I'm 25 years old and sometimes can't recognize a low!!

That is great! I wish my son could recognize it. He has been happily playing away when it is time for a regular check and has been as low as 32. Scary!

I hope it will develop with time (and now that he goes low less frequently since we started the pump.)

It is a victory! I know, it makes you happy and sad at the same time, but good for him. :) Brandan used to tell me a lot, but now he doesn't.

That's great!! When I was his age, for some stupid reason, I was sometimes too shy to let an adult know when I was low ... stupid in hindsight.

Congrats!!! It makes you feel good or should i say PROUD that even at their young ages they can still be so smart when it comes to things like understanding their own diabetes. I was so proud when my daughter came to me the first time she was feeling low and told me. We did her test and she was 47 and i could really tell in her eyes that she wasn't feeling good. Its amaving how they just "pop back to life" once they get those extra carbs back in them when they are low!!!

Keep up the WONDERFUL work. You BOTH are doing GREAT :)

Brandan has never actually said he's low. He'll just say he needs gummies. A few times he cried and said, "sugar." (Meaning his blood sugar, not asking for sugar.) One time he made my jaw drop when he asked for a snack and for whatever reason I told him I would get it in a minute and he brought his meter to me and said, "Here, look at my sugar." It was low. I felt guilty for trying to make him wait. Now he only says he's hungry when he's low. When he looks or acts like he's not feeling well I'll ask, "Do we need to look at your sugar?" He'll only say yes if it's making him feel bad. I'll ask him if it's high or low and he gets it right about 95% of the time.

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That's great!! When I was his age, for some stupid reason, I was sometimes too shy to let an adult know when I was low ... stupid in hindsight.


I am afraid of this with Riley or was she has no problem leaving class to test. I am not sure how she would react other places without me tho.

That is so wonderful!   It's nice to have victories like this to celebrate as we adjust to the new life we are living.

I can't wait for the day my son can communicate how he is feeling to me.


That is wonderful.  My son, who was diagnosed in Oct. 2009 and is 21 mo. handed me a juice box, which we only use for his lows,  he found on the counter one day.  I thought he was just thirsty and I got him a drink.  About an hour later, I tested him for a meal and he was low.  It was kind of eerie.  I am sure it was just a conscience, but it was interesting.  We still have not figured everything out.  Sometimes my husband and I feel like he is acting low and he is high and sometimes we will swear he is high and he is low.