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Hi everyone. My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with T1 diabetes a few months ago. It was traumatic as I imagine it is for all diagnosed with it. We’ve walked the painful journey of Keto acidosis and ICU, not sleeping at nights, fear for today and future, wishing I could take every single shot or finger stick instead of her. But as much as everyone says “you are not alone” … it feels really lonely when it looks like nobody understands or cares about what your days and nights are, how many times you feel like the worst mother because you forgot to send a treat for that class party or give extra insulin for the movie and treats at the end of school year. I’m in tears this morning, after several nights with high uncontrollable sugar levels. The endocrinologist said he will try to change from Levemir to Lantus. Any mother out there that has coping advice for days when you just need to speak out without feeling like you are having a pity party. I want to stay strong and brave for my little girl and be the best version of a mommy I can be for her.

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Hi Emma @Emmanmommy, I’m not a mother and I’m going to reply anyway - but first let me offer you a Warm Welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum! Here you will hear from many mothers who are experiencing something very similar to what now feel.
I know from what you wrote that you are trying your hardest to make “everything right” for your daughter and it appears that you might be blaming yourself. Please try not to blame anyone, especially yourself when trying to master that VERY difficult balance of Food, activity and insulin - I’ve been trying to achieve that and just when I begin thinking that “I’ve finally got it”, some factor over which I don’t have control tells me differently. TypeOne can not be managed, but it can, with experience and lots of luck, be managed effectively. Yes, it will take time and patience but your daughter will be able to manage and go on to live a normal, long and active life full of her own achievements.

At this point in your daughter’s journey with diabetes she is probably experiencing a “honeymoon period” - in the tabs at the top of this page you can find good information about this and other guides. But during the honeymoon, the pancreas often turns on & off the body’s own production of insulin making your task at management more difficult.

As for the treats and extra insulin and stuff like that, after time those things will become almost automatic. I’ve never skipped parties and special occasions but I do try to think about them ahead of time - like this week when our daughter and the country and I will celebrate our birthdays - which is also the anniversary of my diagnosis with diabetes. You got it, my meter and my CGM will be handy and in constant use and I will enjoy every minute.

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Hey Emma. You’re doing a great job, and it will get easier. My daughter was diagnosed almost 9 months ago now, when she was 3.5.
Some very wise people here say it will take a year until it’s really the new normal, I think that’s a realistic expectation.
Tech helps. We use a dexcom G6 and I cannot imagine life without it now, and she has been on a pump for almost 3 months and that is really a game changer. There are some good books to read- Kids First, Diabetes second, and How to think like a pancreas. You’ll get there. For us I was getting burned out on 6+ shots a day and the pump has been amazing.
Also it’s helped with overnight highs because we can give corrections (our endo was firm with no insulin at night with injections) She loves Annie’s Mac and cheese but it sends her to 250+ for hours. You’ll get a feel for what foods do what.

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Thanks so much. We are also using Dexcom G 6. And we are looking into omnipod. Tomorrow going to endocrinologist and we will ask for a pump solution. My beautiful princess was brave all these months but lately she’s telling me she’s sick of being a diabetic. My heart breaks for her. I also work full time and am full of guilt for not being with her all day. I hope things will get better. It definitely is better than the first few weeks.
So sorry you and your sweet angel are going through this. Thanks so much for encouraging me. I definitely feel better about looking into the pump now. God bless you and your little girl and everyone walking this journey.