Moms/Dads/Parents the transition

I just wanted to speak out to those people who currently take care of a young one with diabetes.  There will be a time in the young person's life they will want to break away from you as the will be old enough to take care of their diabetes themselves.  The hardier you hold on to this part of their life the more they may defy the responsibilities in taking care of themselves.  Other options may be the will try to prove they are ready to take of themselves by being in target.  This is just a thought, I know how hard it is to give up control over something.  If anyone has experienced this transition, this would be a good place to share it with the rest of Juvenation.  Maybe this isn't as big of a topic but I'm sure there is someone who wants to hear what advice there is out there.

I am interested in hearing what others perspectives are on this as well. my DS is a  responsible 13 year old  and recently diagnosed...his dad and I serve more as a reminder, check and backup to his taking care of himself ( he tests, injects, and figures carbs).  We are always there if he is too tired, just not interested etc. BUT he is very self sufficient and his numbers are in line--  so hoping this is a good choice. 

We had a mom in one of our education sessions who asked me if my son "cheated"  and I didnt know what she meant at first  ...she said her dd was sneaking snacks without telling her so she wouldn't have to get a shot.  My son said " why would I do that - I would feel bad if I went high".    Made me feel good that he is mature enough to get it!   I guess with younger kids it would be much more difficult....knowing when to start trusting them with their own care.


  Being a parent is the only position where your goal is to make your job obsolete.