Monthly question for the ladies

Okay ladies. I have a question about your periods and was wondering if this is even possible. I’ve been googling like a crazy person to try and find an answer but I haven’t been able to and was curious if I’m crazy or if anyone else experiences this too. Love my cgm but it’s really opened my eyes to random things that happen within my body!

The week of pms before my period I have quite a bit of insulin resistance. I do best with low carb low glycemic foods here and am usually able to control it with exercise from going too high will just have the occasional 180-200 that’s stubborn in coming down. I know this is 100% normal from what I’ve found on google.

The week of my period (and here’s where I’m wondering if this is some crazy coincidence or if others experience this too) I actually have the opposite problem. My IC ratios stay the same and seem spot on, but my basal insulin all of the sudden seems too aggressive. I notice this less on the day when I start and tend to go low a lot more on days where my bleeding is heavier. Not sure if this is something that would result from energy being burned or something but just seems so odd. Does anyone else experience this? I’m starting to keep a log in addition to my cgm to see if I can figure out exactly where to make adjustments, but so annoying and crazy!

I’d like to hear about others’ experiences with this, too, so thanks for asking!

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I’m 15 and I have had a few different experiences with my time of month and my sugars. I have had mostly high sugars during those times before I got my pump. I just had my first period with my pump and it was so much better than the other ones I had lows instead of highs, it’s not like I ate any high carb meals during that time anyways. I didn’t really pay that much attention to the basil rate or anything though.
Hope this was helpful with much love,
T1d warrior chick.

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I do the same thing. High the week before my period, and low the first few days of my period.


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Thank you! Glad to know I’m not crazy. I’ve always been told ladies only go high only so was confused when I was running low a lot the week of. Maybe that’s just me and it’s good to know!