Mood changes

How do you get in the "mood" when your sugar is high?

This kind of depends... are you not in the "mood" because you are upset that your sugar is high.  Or are you not in the mood because when your sugar is high you physically feel crappy?

No Im not upset. It just seems to make me feel "not into it" and I feel crappy alittle. Get thirsty, tired...

Ok. New to the group.  But I'd like to take a stab at this.  Know how you feel.  Sometimes men are not the most understanding creatures.  It's even worse when you in the middle of "in the mood" and your blood sugar crashes.  Anyway...maybe a good talk with your partner about how high blood sugar makes you feel and what he can do to help you get in the mood.  Sometimes a little understanding goes a long way with me.