More than 24 Hours on Dexcom G6

Hi all! Is there any way to see more than 24 hours of blood sugar information on the Dexcom G6? It’s hard to make insulin adjustments when I can only see the last 24 hours.

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You’ll need to use the app. I use Tandem TCONNECT since my TSLIM pump is my receiver. Our you could use Dexcom Clarity.

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Certainly Lucy @lucyinthesky827, there are extremely simple ways to see ALL your Dexcom G6 Data [and G5 data combined in too] from single days up to complete 90 day periods. “7 Day”, “14 Day”, “30 Day”, “90 Day” periods are all with single click. Looking at this data, and understanding what you are seeing is, for me, the only true justification for implanting a CGM Sensor year after year. Reports, in about 8 formats are there for your perusal - I always get useful insight from the ‘7 Day compare’ which shows how my current week fares against the prior.

All this comes to you automatically when you open a Dexcom Clarity Account. If you are looking at the DexCom Clarity Phone app, tap on the green box with four lines in the top-right. Every Sunday morning, Dexcom sends me my week Summary Report - both as email and text.

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@lucyinthesky827, Dorie & Dennis have given you the best of the best.

I want to learn something, please share how looking at a longer graph of CGM data helps you adjust your insulin. I usually look at the last 12 hours max.

Please share. I want to learn…

Hi @lucyinthesky827. For the same of clarity I wanted to ask if you are making changes based over the previous 24 hours, or based on a range of dates? Despite my experience sometimes I’ve been quick to make a(not her) change without giving a setting at least a few days to adjust. Forgive the poor analogy but it’s like getting your hair done (well mine, at least): it starts out looking one way but takes a little time for it to “show true” and I have to see just what that is in order to get it to behave.
Just wanted to make sure your but making the same mistake I have. Make your change and wait - unless you’re having dangerous highs or lows from making too large of an adjustment you should be okay. I find even a tenth of a unit in either direction can be all I need (that’s just me), so it’s good to start small, wait and see, and tweak more if needed.

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Ah “J”, happy to share my thought. From your long-term experience with diabetes, I’m very certain that you are aware of the many days we encounter a severe BGL spike [or drop] that doesn’t have logical explanation.

For instance, a post-lunch spike would not send me into my Pump Profile to change in insulin:carb ratio from 1:18 to 1:15. However, when looking at my 7-day, 14-day, 30-day day-by-day trend lines, I will adjust bolus [or basal] rates as fitting,

Insulin adjustment is only one of the many reasons to monitor BGL fluctuations and trends.

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Thanks Dennis. I was thinking that way. Just seemed a little deep for a basic question.

Sugarmate is a great app available on both iphone and android that give a lot of statistics and can even track food and boluses. It’s gives a ton of great analysis. I recently started using it for my kiddo. It hooks up to your dexcom share profile. There’s emergency phone calls too if you aren’t waking up to an alarm.

Hi! I use the app Sugarmate which connects to my dexcom app. You can track what you eat and the amount of insulin you give. It predicts when you will be low so you can treat it before it happens, it will call you at night if you dip low, and you can see all your sugar readings ever! I highly recommend it is great!

Clarity will give you multiple ways of examining and assessing your levels. Better yet…you can share all this data with your diabetologist remotely who can then advise changes based on your actual patterns. Very useful!


Hi Lucy,

I use the G6 with the Clarity App. This App allow multiple types of reports where you can see full days 24h and compare.

Hope this can help D.