Morning After Drinking

Anyone have problems the morning after drinking? I have had numerous problems...Most dealing with extreme low blood sugar. Anyone got any tips..when do you take your shot (currently I am still taking lantus at night before bed) you eat before you wake up earlier to check...any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Man, I could write a book on the topic. I'd offer to you first that your experience is telling you that whatever insulin you're taking during and after drinking is too much. Figure out what your body needs, and take that. Your body may need different levels of shot-term and long-term insulin based on the fact that you've consumed alcohol. I'd suggest keeping a log of what you drank, ate, and insulin you took so you can have some reference for better management. Everyone's body's different, so I doubt there's a pat answer for you.

You didn't say anything about what you're drinking, what your target blood sugar is overall, and whether or not you're eating during or after the time when you're drinking. The munchies are horrible, and not just for the waistline, but they do happen. Adjusting your dosages can be even more challenging with food thrown in the mix, but it'll definitely help offset lower blood sugars.

When I drink, I stick to beer or wine mostly, for the reasons that I like knowing how much alcohol I'm drinking. I'm a happy drunk, but I don't like losing control, and bartenders can be very generous in their pours. Carbohydrates in beer add up sometimes, so I occasionally find higher blood sugars after several beers. I avoid shots, sweet mixers (club soda or diet coke for me), and sugary drinks altogether.

Low blood sugars during sleep are terrifying, and I generally set my alarm for 60-90 minutes after I lay down if I'm afraid that my sugar will fall while I'm asleep. Even just knowing that my levels are good is reassurance.

If I can offer you anything more from my experience, I'm happy to do that.


I have no problem, like i had prom last week and I was 30 before going to bed but I figured the alcohol would bring it down, and when i woke up at 11 the next day I was 9.6. You should get a pump!! :)  I have never had a low blood sugar after drinking.  Maybe drinking high sugar alcoholic drinks helps?  I mean i had about 3/4 of a bottle of sourpuss and a few coolers and some vodka.