Morning glucose readings

Hi! I’ve been T1 since 2012. My morning numbers are not perfect consistently. But lately, the moment my head comes off the pillow, my numbers start to rise and will continue until I take insulin and eat. And not just a little- 50 points or so. Any suggestions? I take toujeou before bed.

Hi @Beelitz101 and welcome to the forum. There is a phenomenon called “feet on the floor syndrome” where you blood sugar rises almost as soon as you get out of bed. We can’t give medical advice here but I’ve read that some people take a small dose of insulin before they get up to counteract the rise. You should consult your endo about what to take and how much if you are not comfortable making adjustments on your own.
A pump with a closed loop could help prevent or minimize those if you’re interested.

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@Beelitz101 Hello Erin and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum! For the most part, people posting here are not medical professionals and suggestions offered are not medical advice.

It sounds to me as if your body is working just as designed, EXCEPT for those beta cells that aren’t delivering the two necessary hormones. Yes, Autoimmune diabetes. I’m kind of surprised that you hadn’t before noticed during the past dozen years how your body dumps a whole load of adrenalin, which releases glucose, into your bloodstream to get you moving for the day. Perhaps your daily schedule has recently shifted.

I suggest that you speak with your diabetologist about the timing of your background [basal] insulin dose - your Toujou before bedtime; perhaps your doctor may suggest a change of background insulin. Perhaps if you are now on a steady daily regimen, always getting up for breakfast at the same time, you doctor may suggest that you “make correction to your BG” by adding a tiny amount of insulin to your breakfast dose and taking your meal bolus a little earlier in your getting ready routine.

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Hi Erin, welcome to the JDRF forum. I agree with Dorie, sound like “Feet on the Floor”. Here’s an endo talking about it.

My experience with it, and reading about many other on this forum, is that Feet on the Floor is one of those things that is different for everyone. For me I’ve been able to figure out the amount of rise is linked to my activity level and what I had for dinner. An inactive day and a few slow release carbs with dinner will set me up for a bigger rise in the morning than an active day and dinner with no or only fast acting carbs.
Being on Toujeo lets you mark basal insulin off your list of possible causes.

I am normally out of bed at 7. I will wait until 7:30 to give my pre breakfast bolus. Seems as soon as I give my bolus my BG goes up significantly, from 120 to 180.
I wait until my BG levels off before i have breakfast, typically 20 minutes. Not sure why this happens but it happens all the time.

That happened to me several years ago! I told my doctor but she was skeptical. Eventually it stopped.
The only thing I can think of is, if you’re bolusing at the same time each morning your basal needs may be increasing around the same time. You could try checking your basal rates.

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