Morning Highs

Hey all!

Hope the holidays are going well :) I haven't been on juvenation for a long time, I've moved countries and had school to catch up etc etc so been kinda busy, but I'm please to be back!

So recently I've had these morning highs that no matter what I do, I cannot seem to control them. I wake up in the mornings at 5.30 with a reading of +- 6.0mmol/L on average and go for a 2.5km run where I lower my basal and such. I then have breakfast which is always just a bowl of cereal (my reading before breakfast being about 7.0mmol/L on average). Then about 2 hours after breakfast my reading is +- 14.0mmol/L but 2-3 hours later it falls back down to about 7.0mmol/L again.

So I tried to give insulin a few times when it was 14.0mmol/L but then within the hour I find myself going low again :| So every single day I have those 2-3 hours in the morning where my levels skyrocket and I am out of ideas :P So just wondering if someone has the same problem or maybe has some advice for me :)


For me, certain foods give me a high bg peak . . . and cereal is one of them. You could try eating something else for breakfast to try to avoid that bg spike.

It could also be the adrenaline kicking in after you work out (which also happens to me) I ususally given myself a 1u bolus right after a work out and that ususally gives me more steady levels.

I had that exact same problem. My doctor told me to eat as little carbs as possible for breakfast, but stuff that's higher in protein.How many carbs do you usually eat? I tried that along with adjusting my insulin to carb ratio and that worked.

Also has this just been happening just since you moved countries? because i moved from new zealand to the US a few years ago and my blood sugars were really off at first.