Morning highs

i was reading up on why my blood sugar could be high in the mornings. and what i read was because when you wake up in the morning your body gives you the extra indrenilion(sorry about the spelling) and glucose in the morning to wake up. and it is also what you eat the night before, before going to bed.  does anyone suggest anything that i should eat so my sugar wont be so high? its only two hundred but still thats high. also my mom wakes up every night at two a.m. in the morning and i always have to do something for it, either do a correction bolus or take a glucose tablet. does anyone else have this problem? please help



I have had a lot of morning high's in the past. I don't eat a lot past dinner (ex. snack at night) and still my blood sugar can be 200+ when I wake up. I corrected this with my long-acting insulin by adjusting to a smaller dosage at night. Ask your CDE or your Endocrinologist before you adjust your long-acting insulin but this has worked for me. I try and have a piece of toast with peanut butter if I need a snack at night and that works pretty well.

thank you for replying! ill try that! =)


It sounds to me like you have Dawn Phenomenon. Where your body shoots out more glucose in the morning hours are you on a pump? because if you are they can set your pump to give you more insulin from like 3am till you wake up. That is what i do with mine.  Because I had problems with morning highs as well. You should ask your doc about that.

Also, something I just SUPER  have just learned about Lantus is that it has a peak of 18-24 hours.  It varies with each patient. I had initially been told it lasted for 24 hours and took it at the same time every morning.  This would cause me to wake up SUPER high because the last 6 hours of sleep it had tapered off.  For this reason alone, I am looking forward to getting on the pump.  Until then, I have been taking two smaller doses of Lantus and I have seen a really big difference.