Morning sickness and weight loss

I have been so sick! I weighed myself this morning and I was 3.5 lbs lighter than my pre pregnancy weight. It has been such a struggle to eat. Most of the time food sounds repulsive. I feel like I have been eating a lot the past three days, but apparently not enough. I am so frustrated. I feel like if this goes on for much longer I will surely lose my mind. Did anyone else lose weight during the first trimester?


You should ask your OB for something called Zofran. I used it because I had horrible morning sickness and couldn’t keep anything down. The zofran helped me to be able to eat and not think food was completely disgusting. I still felt moments of nausea from time to time while using it but, it was like a miracle drug!!! I couldn’t even hold down water. It was horrible! You have to be careful because of DKA in the first trimester so be sure to ask your doctor about options.

Can morning sickness cause DKA? My blood sugars have been higher than usual today, but I just attributed it to my insulin needs rising, since they have remained stable for the past 4 weeks and I’m nearing the end of my first trimester. I do have ketone sticks so I will use one next time I have to pee.

I was prescribed zofran a week ago (by my endo) and it works for the most part. There was one time I took it and I still vomited, but I think I waited too long to take it. I have actually been able to eat the past four days, and thought that I might be closer to my pre pregnancy weight than before but I had lost another pound. I know they say you only have to gain 2-5 pounds in the first trimester, but the fact that i have lost almost 4 and I am almost through the first trimester is disconcerting. I called the OB today, and they are going to try to get my insurance to authorize an at home IV treatment. Which would be awesome, but that doesn’t help me today. I feel like by the time it gets authorized my morning sickness will be over.