Morning sickness help. I'm 6 1/2 weeks along

Hi there. I am 6 1/2 weeks along and am SOOOOOOOO sick. I am very lucky to be not working during my entire pregnancy but I am so sick. I have not thrown up yet but my stomach feels awful. I swear it feels like the worse hangover of all time --for the WHOLE day! Does anyone have any tips on how to feel better & what foods help a gross feeling tummy?? I am living on peanut butter toast and am sick of eating that. Every part of my body aches and is even hard to get out of bed. I know that my body is super sensitive to everything but this is ridiculous. I would love to stay connected especially if you are close to the same weeks along as me. (And/or if you have already gone through this process). Please message me.

Thanks, Lissa

Hi Lissa,

I am 7 weeks along. Just found this site and so happy for it!  I've been looking for people to chat with about my pregnancy. I have been nauseous, but have rarely thrown up.  I've been drinking a lot of ginger tea though (cut up ginger, boil it - that's it) to help with the nausea. It seems to work - I take it to work everyday like as though I'm bringing coffee.  I drink it all day. And I've been noticing that some smells have made me feel sick so I've tried to get rid of those smells (the smell of olives makes me super nauseous).  How are your blood sugars?  My blood sugars have been rollercoasting quite a bit (lots of lows) - I'm on a pump and have the sensors and I am usually a strictly controlled diabetic, but these days things haven't been easy.  I feel like I'm failing.  I've also been crazy tired - I barely make it through the work day.  I come home and it is straight to the couch and I sleep until dinner time and I try to make myself some food... then it's back to sleep for the night.  Would love to chat more - so happy to find someone who's going through the same thing.

~ Tracy.

Hi Tracy.

That makes me so excited that we are almost exactly the same weeks along. I'm actually 8 weeks now (I was further along than I had once thought. I would very much like to stay connected. That would great if we could talk and ask each other-- "what are you going through this week". I am (more like was) a huge exercise person---I ran 4x week 6 miles but have had no energy to even empty the dishwasher in the past 2 weeks. Talk about a slap in the face. I'm used to being so active. I'm 29 and this is my very 1st child. It was very planned. What is your age? I almost feel too old. I hope that just because I feel so tired right now. Ha.

I am not on the pump, however, have been trying to get on it for the past 4 months before I got pregnant. I am fighting with my insurance company because they think 'I'm not out of control enough'. Crazy?! But I have always been really good at watching & monitoring myself. I used tested 10 times a day and now I'm up to 18 times. I wish I could test every 15 minutes (but again, fighting with insurance on how many times I can test). My blood sugars have been terrible. Makes me feel like I'm failing myself and my soon to be family. They have been so high and I am used to taking a total of less than 10 units of humalog per day (before). And now I take more than 10 units each time I eat something light/healthy (like a banana). GRRRR.  I eat really really healthy and still am not perfect with my numbers. I think that even plain coffee is making my sugars go up. I only drink 1 cup now per day. I have been eating peanut butter toast every day to make my tummy feel better with morning sickness. I will have to try your ginger recipe--however, I've never liked tea. I will force myself. Ha. I thought it was bad waking up 1 time in the night to use the restroom--now it is 2 times! Geez. No wondering I am so tried during the day. They warned me that I will be taking more insulin per day but I feel I'm taking waaaaaay too much. Doctors tell me this is normal--doesn't feel normal! Are you having the same problem with highs?

I have another month of hiding my sickness from my families. We are planning on announcing at the Thanksgiving prayer. Have you told anyone yet? It is so hard to keep this a secret when I'm so excited to tell everyone I even come in contact with. Have you picked out names yet? We picked out names during our engagement--less stress that way. I feel that it is a girl but I really want a boy. I will be so happy with either. As long as they are 100% healthy!! It took me one short week to get pregnant. Wow. I feel very lucky considering that some couples try for years. Did it take you long? What it planned? I have been planning on getting pregnant for the last 6 months. Ha. Just getting all my ducks in a row, I guess. I wish I knew the sex of our baby right now because I love to plan. I plan everything. Down to our entire weeks of meals I will cook. I have already bought a ton of stuff (before I was even preg) when things were on super sale.

Well, if you can find the energy to write me back - I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

Keep in touch. And Congratulations!


Hi Lissa,

Congratulations to you too!

I also feel extremely tired.  After I wrote what I wrote above, I folded the laundry and it wiped me out!  I had a nap and just woke up about five minutes ago.  I'm constantly tired. I'll feel awake for a couple of hours and then need to sleep again.  It's crazy!!

I am 32.  I've had diabetes for 27 (going on 28 soon) years.  My husband and I also planned this pregnancy. I finally told him at the end of August - Ok... I think I'm ready now.  And we also got pregnant right away (we were only trying since the end of August and I find out that I'm pregnant at the end of September) - go figure!  

I have been on the pump for the last four years.  I've been on the sensors since I found out I was pregnant.  I live in Surrey, BC, Canada (near Vancouver - where the Olympics were).  Here, my extended health plan pays for the pump supplies (not the purchase of the pump - I had to pay for that out of pocket), but they do not pay for the sensors and they are expensive.  But I figure the money is worth it now.  Four years ago I was in the same boat as you - My endo was trying to get me as a part of his study on insulin pumps (he's a researcher as well as an endo) - and I could not enter the study because my numbers were "too good".  I would have been able to get a pump for free if my numbers were "bad".  How's that for a kick in the pants?!?

Check if your endo can't write a letter on your behalf.  My endo wrote a letter that I sent to my government health plan that helped me be able to get more test strips (they were not willing to give me enough test strips - I guess they are worried Canadians might sell them to people out of country??).  His letter stated that I needed to test my blood sugar at least ten times a day and require more than what is typically alotted for test strips.  It worked.  Now I can get as many as I need.

As much as I like the sensors, the sensors don't take care of everything.  This morning it was beeping me because I was low - and I drank some juice and ate something (I sometimes think that baby is sucking the sugar right out of my blood!) - and then it kept beeping that I was low.  I tested myself with my monitor and my monitor said I was high.  So... I can't say that I completely rely on sensors.  Sometimes they are wrong.

I haven't been having many problems with highs, but I have been having problems with lows (and sometimes rebound highs).  However, the reason why I took the pregnancy test was because I was having crazy highs and I could not explain them.  Now, it's lows that I'm struggling with.  Whether I'm low or high, I worry a lot about how it is affecting the baby.  I'm sure you are too.  It's good just to write that...  There are so few who understand.

I haven't gone to the maternity clinic yet.  They don't like to see people until they are at least 8 weeks. So, I'm going next week.  When I do, they'll transfer me to a specialist in diabetic pregnancies (hopefully!).

I have only told my inlaws and my parents (both know about my diabetes and both are helpful).  I sent my parents flowers last week to tell them - On the card I wrote, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, We have special news to share with you, Get ready for bottles, diapers and fun - because we're expecting our first little one! (I didn't write this one - I stole the idea from someone).  My mom loved it and is so excited.  I've asked them not to tell my extended family just in case there are problems.  But I also can't wait to tell my siblings and all my friends.  

My husband is going on his yearly business trip soon, so I wanted to tell my mom so that she could maybe come to visit and help me a bit.  I can barely get through the day.  I'm always so exhausted!  (And I'm going to the washroom several times a day and many times a night too... it doesn't help).  It's a struggle to even fix dinner for myself.

My husband and I haven't really picked out names.  We'll have to get on that.  I also think that my baby is a girl.  I don't know why.  

It's not so much ginger "tea" as ginger water.  But it helps me.  I read somewhere that ginger helps with the nausea and I've been drinking it regularly.  It can't hurt - there's no sugar in it.   It's not the tastiest drink - just to warn you.

I don't have anything for Baby yet.  I'm a planner, too, but I feel a bit overwhelmed.  I think I'll wait for my sister and my mom to go shopping with me.  

It'll be so exciting to tell your family during Thanksgiving prayer.  That's so exciting!  

How big are you?  I feel big already.  It might all be in my head, but that's how I feel.  How's your husband dealing with all this?  Mine's been a little freaked out - but happy.  Have you seen an obgyn yet?  Have you told your endo yet?  How was your A1C before getting pregnant?  

I'm so happy that there is someone who's going through the same thing as me!  I will keep in touch - for sure.  It's so nice to talk about this!!

congrats girls!!

I found today actually that i am expecting. So that puts me at 4 wks and one day! Im very nervous! The last wk my sugars have been up and down! Naturally u freak for the sake of "what is this doing to my fetus." I have a pump and im testing every few hours to catch a high or a low. I dont have the CGM but it is very expensive and i dont think i can add the extra 300, 400 dollars a month to my exsisting bills at the moment. Now i am battling more with the highs than the lows. I m just very very scared this is all new for me. I know the first 12 wks of any pregnancy are the most critical but im just trying to calm down from all the emotions. But very hard to do:) Any other advice?

Congrats Brittany!  

I wish I had some advice for you - but I'm going through the same (super worried all the time!).  But it is so nice to know that there are others who are going through the same worries as me.  

Keep in touch,


Hi Brittany--

Stay positive for yourself & your growing baby.  I'm always here to chat if you need it. :) Not that this has changed from my normal eating pattern but I still eat about every 3 hours. Which is so hard because morning sickness is kicking my butt lately. But I have to keep telling myself "baby needs food" even if I don't feel like it. Take care & Congratulations.


Hi Tracy-

How are you feeling this week? I have good days & bad days. And yesterday was a bad day. I slept the entire day and still tired. I prayed to stay asleep so I didn't have to feel all the pain. I have a cold on top of it all. I don't want to take any medicine because I'm probably being over protective already. I have a awful headache and still don't feel comfortable taking tylenol- even though it says it is safe for pregnant women. I am so lucky that I am not going to work each day. How on Earth are you doing it?? :) I had an office job before I was laid off--away in the back at my desk. What type of job do you have? I don't want to even do an errand in public because I have huge bags under my eyes. Thankfully I have a husband who still sees my beauty. Are you showing yet? I am not really but I can tell that my body has changed. I no longer have a 6 pack-only a 2 pack on top. :( My abs having been feeling sore (like doing crunches) but I haven't been able to exercise in the past 3 weeks. Do you feel the same sensation? Maybe they are stretching already. It looks like my stomach is poking out a little bit at the bottom.

Did you and your husband take the pregnancy test together? I had about 3 tests at home (just waiting for when the day would come--again, planning) and I didn't even miss my period yet. My cycles are always on time and always on schedule. I actually planned my wedding so I wouldn't have it on my special day. LOL. My husband said, "Honey we should take a test!". I laughed because I thought it is still 1 1/2 weeks too early to even tell. I did however have a test that uses HCG levels (rather than a plus or minus sign) to determine if you are. It was a Sunday night and I peed in a cup, dipped the stick in then sat back down to cuddle with my little poodle. I set the timer for 5 minutes, when it went off I couldn't go look. My husband yelled from the bathroom "Baby? What does 2 lines mean?" I laughed. No way. There is no no no way that in less then 10 days-he got me pregnant. The 2nd line was so incredibly light you almost couldn't see it at all. I thought "Well it is not 2 thick lines so it must not be positive." He kept smiling at me saying "Oh my goodness. We are having a baby!!" I didn't believe it. We sat at the computer together and googled pregnancy test results. It said that there is never a false positive if the test is done correctly. Also it says that it has to be at least 14 days after conception to show up. Sure enough--the test was 100% correct. I think it took me 2 more weeks after that to believe it. I just didn't want to get excited for nothing. I thought for sure it would take us 3 months or more. Go figure. :)

I wanted to give you my direct email.

I'm not sure if you can send pics through this website but I wanted to share a photo from my wedding. It is something that a true diabetic can appreciate. You can email me there. Thanks.

Take care and hope to hear back.