Most Insanely Inconvenient Low

However many months or years back, I was sitting in the waiting room at the dentist. They all know I'm diabetic, I know I have the ability to excuse myself mid-cleaning should I feel a low (/high, for that matter). But just in case, I always test before my name's called. Just like every other time before, I waited until we'd been sitting for a while and did a finger stick: low.

Dentists (this is probably old news) usually make me go high, as I get nervous over the prospect of cavities (and also having to have them fixed... hate it!). But literally the second after I tested, the dentist called me back. I felt utterley ridiculous sucking down a juice box as fast as I could manage while they stared at me, and then running to catch up. I can only imagine the sort of things they'd be thinking about someone who drinks before getting their teeth cleaned (which is almost as bad as eating first!).

My second most insanely inconvinient low happened recently. I was painting a room, and during the rearranging of furnature, taping, prep, etc. I felt fine. The second I started physically painting? Low symptoms. I tried to ignore it, figuring I'd wait to see if I was actually low or just feeling like it. But I gave that up when, about ten minutes later, I tipped off the chair I was standing on :D I sat on the toppled over chair, the wet, painty wall with the print of an elbow running down it where I'd caught myself, and waited for somone to fetch my meter :D I was low about 3 times after that, though, during painting. But tipping off the chair definately made it inconvinient :)

Which brings me to my question: What is your most insanely inconvenient low?

This didn't happen to me, but I was so worried I would have an inconvenient low during my wedding, that I tested a million times before the ceremony. Of course, then, I was freaking out that I'd get blood on my wedding dress!

I'd say that my most inconvenient low was during a job interview once (I tend to go low when I'm nervous!). I never mention D that early in the job process to avoid potential discrimination. Luckily, the lady stepped out to get some papers and I stuffed some candy in my mouth and swallowed w/o chewing. lol.

right before a math test. i have trouble with math when im low or high so uh-oh! i tested and i was low. i had juice while starting the test and i didnt test again until an hour and a half later.

oh, and that was just after a gym class doing an activity that makes me low the rest of the day, sometimes into the 2s.

My most inconvenient low was during a job interview. If you go to the videos i did on here in the educating others group I vlogged about it.

That totally brings back memories.

I've been low in the dentist chair- tried to fake my way through it and wait until they were done- I did wait and then stumbled out of the office and chowed down tablets/juice boxes.  That was dangerous and foolish on my part.  Now I always let myself be a little high before I go, but still get super nervous thinking about going low in the chair.  I know my dentist really well and he knows I am a diabetic so I've told them now about the possibility of going low and they are super nice, but I still get nervous about it.

One activity that gets me low unexpectedly is gardening.  I never think of that as exercise and so many times I could be out in the yard pulling weeds, pruning and then go low.  I'm always in denial because I think that really isn't any real type of exercise, but after sooo many times of going low when doing that activity, I now plan for it.  I could see how painting could make you go low like the gardening thing.

Going grocery shopping after work and not having dinner or checking my blood sugar.

i was thinking about what my sugar might be when i went in to the store. cuz i felt pretty darn good at first. i got about half way down the shopping isle with my little handheld basket and i thought the world collapsed. i got that crazy nervous feeling and felt like i was walking on air. the isles felt like they were closing in. i started shaking bad. and of course i didnt have my candy on me so that caused me to panic. i put my basket down in the middle of the isle and made a b-line to my truck. i grabbed my juice and swigged away.

and guess what?  I lived :)   i do feel bad for the freeze pops i left in the basket in the middle of the isle.

Hahaha. This is a good one. My most insanely inconvenient low happened just a little over a month ago. I was on a mission trip in Vancouver, BC, and for our evening activity, we took a hike at Lynn Canyon. I was fine all through the hike, stopped before the very high and semi-long suspension bridge to take some scenery pictures. I still felt fine. Then, after mostly everyone had gone across the bridge, and a few friends and I were getting ready to go across, I felt low. Not wanting to inconvience anyone, I checked quickly, and confirmed that I was pretty low. I pulled a juice box out of my bag and we walked across the bridge.

At this point, my symptoms were peaking. So, if you can imagine: very low BS+wobbly suspension bridge=not good.

So there I was, walking across the a bridge that's however many feet off of the ground, while feeling dizzy and not quite all there. Of course, my blood sugar went back up a few minutes after I was off the bridge. (=

Just in case you've never heard of the suspension bridge...


Im getting low just looking at that fricking thing. didnt Indiana Jones almost fall off that in to the Crocodile waters? He lost the golden stone off that bridge.

Sarah! HOly cow!!!! I am glad you made it over the bridge! I think you won the inconvenient low contest LOL

I was making a trip home from college one night and started crashing really fast.  It hit me so fast and hard that I veered off the road, corrected myself, and pulled over to combat the rapidly dropping BS.  That was a frightening experience.

i passed out in a cemetery when i was about 8 or 9. i was with my mom and dad and i think i properly gave them both heart attacks.

[quote user="Wolf"]

Im getting low just looking at that fricking thing. didnt Indiana Jones almost fall off that in to the Crocodile waters? He lost the golden stone off that bridge.


Hahaha. The bridge itself wasn't that bad (for me- I'm not afraid of heights, although other people were freaking out), but add in the low BS, and I was a bit freaked. I thought for sure that I would start walking crooked and fall off or something. I'm sure it would have been more enjoyable if I wasn't low. (=

All I want to say is lows during intimate situations are not fun :(

Whenever I'm teaching... my "with it" students will usually tell me to check my blood.

My most insanely inconvenient low was my first day on a new job. Started at 8am. Between 10 and 11am my boss came out, because the phone kept ringing to find me unconcious at my desk. He didn't know I was diabetic and had no idea what to do or who to call so he opened my purse. I was late paying my rent and had borrowed cash from a friend (to pay my rent after work) so he found $700 in cash and a syringe (insulin was in my lunch box). He called an ambulance. I woke up in the ER. Then had to go back and explain to my new boss who thought I was a drug addict that I was diabetic and two months pregnant and had a reaction. It was a bad first day.