Mother of 12 year old child with type 1 since age 5

I to have this problem I have 2 type 1 and they are so different . One is on insulin pump  the other shots , My 12 year old is so angry most of the time and she to will realize what she has done and apogolize  for her actions. This is so hard to deal with , sometime I am not sure what I need to do.


You don't specify the age of your other T1 child.  Preteens and teenagers are typically moody and impulsive, and more so if they are dealing with a chronic disease.  You should consider counseling/family counseling to help you through this difficult time.

Read this article for your 12-year-old.  I was fine with my diabetes as a kid, but was a mess through my teen years.  Think that's pretty typical.  Have the "I'm not your enemy" talk and ask for ways that you can help with diabetes management.  Try not to be overly critical... it's impossible to have perfect blood sugars all the time.  But it's still cool to create rules like, if your blood sugar is super low or high, you can't spend the night at your friends.  Later, I think it's okay to ask you child to test blood sugar in front of you (make sure they're not just pulling up an old test result from the memory) before getting the car keys.