Mother of 8 year old newly diagnosed

Hi everyone. I'm Ricci my dd Abbi was just diagnosed on Thursday. We took her in for a check up for what I assumed was the flu and ended up taking a ride in an ambulance to childrens hospital in Danville. I think we are all in shock. She is a pro already at checking her blood and giving injections. She seems to be handling it well. Me on the other hand not so well I'm a nervous wreck. I keep thinking i'm going to screw this up and end up being the cause of complications. My brain is on overload with all this new info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ricci.   B-R-E-A-T-H-E!  LOL.  It's so overwhelming when they send you home.  But be assured, you'll be fine.  Just watch her and what she's eating and count, count, count!  Did you get any kind of education before getting sent home?  I'm not familiar with the hospital in Danville.  Do you have a follow up in a couple of weeks? 

Hello Ricci,

Breathing would be a good starting point! :-)  Overload is always the first feeling, but know that it is temporary.  Take time in getting adjusted and don't worry, it will become easier.  I have an 8 year old son, dx 2years ago, so I remember the feelings well.   You've already taken big steps in getting online!  My advise is to take your time in counting, dosing, measuring and write everything down.  Don't be afraid to call her dr. with questions (or send in here, this is where I learn so much!).  I think it used to take me 45 minutes to put a meal on the table after Jarett was dx!!!  Now, I think how ridiculous that sounds!!!  Believe me, we are all here if you need anything!!!


Hey, Ricci,

I'm so sorry your daughter got sick.  Our son was just diagnosed in May.  It is completely overwhelming having to learn everything there is to learn, and be responsible for your child's care.  It's really tough right now, but it will get better.  You will not cause any complications by not having perfect control over her BS right now.  You really do have time to learn it and get better at it, and she will learn it, too.  Call your daughter's endo any time you have a question or concern.  Report her numbers to the endo as often as you feel necessary (we started out daily, then twice a week, now once a week) so they can tweek her ratios.  Make sure you're counting as accurately as you can, do you best, and learn as much as you can.  And, be sure you are taking care of yourself!  Get whatever help and support you need.  This is a GREAT place to ask questions and get support, so don't be shy about posting.

It's going to get better for both you and your daughter.  Just give yourselves some time to settle into your "new normal".


Ricci -- Welcome to the "club"! I'm not a Mom of a T1, but I can tell you that I was diagnosed in 1981 before all the wonderful technology and so far (knock on wood) no complications. Think of this first year as a learning period. You're not going to mess things up ... you're just learning and doing the best you can. Please keep in touch w/ others living w/ Type 1 -- that's what helps me a lot. For me, my Mom always said she'd let me do anything I wanted (within reason, ha, ha) despite the D, so that's helped me live a more normal life too. (At 15 years old, she let me fly to Toyko by myself to visit a friend and I was fine!!) Hang in there!


I want to thank everyone for the quick replies and kind words. I'm sure i'll be asking lots of questions. Right now life is just so hectic. Last Monday my husband was admitted to the hospital. They say lyme disease so they kept him until wed on iv antibiotics released him and he's on a 21 day run with more antibiotics. Thursday this whole thing happened with Abbi and on the 22nd my 13 year old daughter Codi is having surgery to remove a dentigerist cyst with amleoblastic cells from her upper jaw. Then they have to reconstruct her upper jaw and sinus cavity. We only found that out in May so we have been running like crazy here. I also have a 16 year old son he's healthy thank god but what a moody age. So please bare with me I'll be checking in off and on but with my schedule the time I can be online is limited. Abbi went to Janet weiss childrens hospital in danville.

Gosh, Ricci, hang in there.  It will get better.  Be sure you're getting the support you need while you're helping your family through this challenging time...