Movie theatre snacks?

Okay, I know I shouldn’t do it, but a have an ethical problem with paying this prices for drinks at the movies. The food is bad enough but I don’t know, I figure I can buy a case of sodas for about the price of one movie theater drink. So (head hanging in shame) I sneak in my own, save a few bucks in the process, and know what I’m consuming. Of course that may be easier since I’m an adult and I’ve never had anyone check my bag, but it could be worth a try.

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Btw- I sneak in my own snacks too! I never buy theirs because it’s too pricey.

Perhaps your doctor can recommend a registered dietitian that can help you and your son better handle his eating situation.

I agree with KKHR ask for referral for RD

I would be concerned about calories restriction since he is losing weight . You said his BMI is 16.
He is still growing and needs the calories as a young boy.
It is important to have good bg and adequate growth . I would suggest you speak with Endocrinologist and get referral to a Registered Dietitian who preferably is a Certified Diabetes Educator who can assess his energy needs his weight loss and so he can have enough calories for growth and with insulin to match his needs in order to achieve adequate weight .

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Hi ,
I’m a mom of a 7 year old daughter with Type 1. I wanted to reply because I also had this problem when we went to the movies for the first time. Also your child situation sounds like my daughter. She honeymooned for over a year and her first year didnt require insulin she was running low after initial diagnosis doctors took her off and monitored her. After that she had to get on her night insulin and we bolus when needed. Shes currently on 4.5 units of basaglar at night and throughout the day she needs .5-1 unit of novolog when needed. It seems your doctor is trying to extend the honeymoon phase which our endo didnt really care but I tried to extend it as long as possible. But in doing that let me be clear I am strict but not by telling my daughter no i substitute so that she doesnt feel left out. She was diagnosed at 3 so she wasnt in school which made it easier then when she started preschool it was easier but once kindergarten came I didnt want her to feel different. I researched different treats to make or buy that aren’t as high in carbs and sugar . One treat she loves to take to the movies are sweet smarts. They’re candy that are lower in carbs and sugar they come in gummy bears, sour gummy bears, swedish fish like candy, and peach rings. We also use these for lows when needed. She brings her drink which could range from a sugar free caprisun, iced hibiscus tea which I make for her and sweeten with stevia, or starbucks has numerous low carb low sugar drinks etc. Sometimes we bring popcorn or she eats a small box at the movie but rarely. In the beginning I would tell her no and I would see how disappointed she was but on the flip side as a parent you want to make sure the child is healthy and happy. I dont believe in giving any person whether diabetic or not a lot of sugar but having a diabetic child personally I dont believe in giving her what she wants just to make her happy when health is concerned. The doctors told me in the hospital I could but in my mind what sense does it make to give my diabetic child loads of sugar when sugar can cause her to have problems immediately. And yes they told me give her as much sugar as she wants just cover it with insulin. And also when i tried it their way when she got out of the hospital she would spike all over the place even though I corrected her exactly the amount they said . When I stopped giving her a ton of sweets and a ton of carbs after 2 weeks out of hospital her sugars started to go down and they kept reducing her insulin and then took her off and we all closely monitored her. People can say what they want but this is me and my child personally and because I have substituted she is a happy almost 8 year old kid in 2nd grade. Her endo is very pleased with her a1c which does vary but she does stay in 7 and under . At initial diagnosis her a1c was 11 or 12 I dont remember. For school she does have the occasional birthday treat when a parent brings in treats and we bolus for that. Sorry if I rambled but I wanted to get it out because your situation sounds a lot like mine.