whats your favorite movie? mines is Avatar 

mine's psycho (the alfred hitchcock version). 

i'm a big dork and i actually wasn't impressed with avatar. but i thought it had a lot of pretty colors :o)

Back to the Future

back 2 the future was good, but ive never seen psycho   

I LOVE the Pirates of the Carribbean movies...the 4th one comes out this May!!!!!!

The Princess Bride is also good, as well as Finding Nemo (lol)

Pirates 4 will be so awesome

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

my fav is all the fast and furious movies

[quote user="gabzalot"]

my fav is all the fast and furious movies


Is that movie that is coming out soon to theatres "Fast Five" a new fast and furious movie?

wut wut me too. 


ya fast five is the newest 1


My favorite movie is "The Notebook"

I absolutely love little kid movies! But my fav movies are the twilight series! I am TEAM JACOB all the way Baby!!!!!!! He's yummmy

Its taking forever for the new twilight movie to come out.

Oh and I am on team Alice :) I think you can guess why.

Fight Club and Pulp Fiction are probably my favorites. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is really awesome too :)

I love "Powder" and "Meet Joe Black".  Oh, and "Toys" and "Dead Poet's Society" and "Good Will Hunting" and "Lion King" and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and... Ok Ok.. I just love movies.  ;-D

Team Alice all the way.

But my favorite movie is probably Dead Poets for Drama and Eurotrip for comedy.

I love the Harry Potter movies.  Can't wait for the last one to come out this July!!!!

I think I like you lots, Amy. Hehe.