Moving from Canada to ENGLAND

Hey! So me and my best friend have been making a plan to move down to England for a few years. As soon as we graduate College we're going to make the massive leap and do it

I am however concerned about how I will be able to do things as a diabetic.s.. I will be leaving behind my healthcare team, (but thats not a huge deal, as they'll be giving me all new doctors when I turn 18 next year) what mainly worries me is the COST OF HEALTHCARE. I've read on several websites, that the Healthcare in the UK is Canada (where I'm currently living) But what does that mean for me?

What I'm asking. Is there anyone who recently moved to the UK, or lives there? and how much of HC is covered? Keep in mind, I dont plan on permanently residing in England. Even though, I do plan on staying for 3-4 years... Would I still be accepted for Free Healthcare?

Please Help me!

Lots of love Xx


I moved from Canada to the UK back in the 90s. I lived there for a total of 5 years, I had a student visa and then a working-holiday visa. I never had to pay when I was using the NHS, the only time I did have to pay was when I went to a private doctor. I believe that if you are living there for a longer period of time, such as more than 6 months that you don't have to pay. I would check with the NHS, but in the mean time I found this that might be helpful:

Have a fab time in the UK, London is a wild place to live. :)