Moving to Beijing with an 8-year-old T1D

I am considering moving to Beijing for work for 3 years, with my family. I have one son ( 8yo) that was diagnosed T1D a year ago. I am freaking out to understand whether it’ll be crazy irresponsible for us to move, if the quality of care, or supplies are not there.

My son is currently using Dexcom (which has been great! and allow us to sleep better at night), and shots. He still doesn’t want to try a pump, though he might be wanting to in teh near future. He uses fast acting Novalog, and Basaglar for basal.

Does anybody know / lived in Beijing? We will probably have good access to insurance and hospital once there, but it seems that Dexcom is not in China.

Anybody knows if there are problems getting fast-acting and basal insulin?
And CGMs that are equivalent to Dexcom?
Pumps? (we were considering Omnipod).

Any information or tips about how to find out more before we make a decision would be great!