Mr. Ron Santo

I haven't been on here in a while but come back from time to time.  I would like to say rest in peace to Ron Santo - the long time Chicago Cubs third baseman and announcer who passed away last night. 

He came to town not long after my dx 32 years ago.  While I heard it in the hospital, he was the first to convince me that I could live a normal life if I kept an eye on the T1.   At 9 years old, he became a hero not because of baseball but because of the confidence he gave to me and the bonding experience I was able to have with my father that night.    Mr. Santo didn't have to come to my small town and there were maybe 15-20 people but he stayed after because I was too shy to ask a question.  He sat with me and my dad for about a 1/2 hour.  Here's one professional athlete that cared.   I for one will miss is voice on the broadcasts.


Thanks for sharing such a nice story! RIP Ron Santo!!

Very sad to hear about his passing. I'm glad you had a chance to share such a wonderful experience with him.

Thanks Doug for your story. I am not much of a baseball fan so I didn't really know about Ron Santo until after my son was diagnosed with Type 1 last year. I have read other stories similar to yours and am saddened that such a kind and good person is no longer with us.

That's a wonderful story Doug.

Come back and visit us more. (: