Multiple Children with Type 1

Hey, I am a mother who has two sons with type 1.  Nicholas is 5 and Cameron is 3.  I also have a third son that is 1 and am due again in July (last one).  I am curious, our endocrinologist tells us that Lucas, our 1 year old, will probably get type 1, do any of you know of families that consist entirely of type ones or that only have two type ones?

Well I know of one fam that has 3 kids and only one is type 1. The rest are grown and ok.. :)

Thanks, yeah I know lots of families with only one type 1.

Good. Hopefully he does not get it and you are one of the fams w/ only 1 type one. :)

As my posts says I have two sons with type one now.  Three sons total.

Oh right, sorry bout that... 

I know a family who has a father with type 1, and three kids, 2 of which have type 1. 

My own family has no history of type 1 diabetes. Somehow, however, myself and my sister got it at different points in our respective lives (I at 3, and her at 7). Our brother still doesn't have it, and he's already 14.

There is no family history of type 1 in my family but both my sister and I have type 1... I have two brothers who are both so far healthy

There's a family that does a lot of fundraising for JDRF who have two sons with T1, and when  I was a kid the Canadian Diabetes Associatoin had two sisters who were kind of "youth ambassador" types who both had T1. And at the last JDRF fundraiser I attended, they showed a documentary about a mother who had Type 1 and both of her kids had it.

I know one family with 3 boys - all 3 with Type 1. 

My husband is type 1 and so is my daughter.  We were told a 1 in 20 chance if your dad is diabetic and a 1 in twenty chance if your sibling is diabetic.  We've had our son tested at Children's Hospital as part of a study (Trial Net) and so far he does not show the antibodies that can help to predict diabetes.  So far so good . . . . .good luck to you.

Until a few years ago I was the only known person in my family to have Type 1, but then my cousin was diagnosed, and a year later my other cousin (both brothers) was as well.  Their family comsists of two sons and a daughter, and the two sons were both diagnosed.  One is autistic in addition to being diabetic, so that made things a bit difficult for them.

i know of a family with triplets that all are type 1 and they have an older bro who is fine with niether type 1 or 2 and a younget sister who is fine as well:)

I am sure that if type one shows up in the family there is a greater chance of it happening. However, I would not say it is a 100% chance. My brother who is 17 month's older than I, is healthy with no diagnosis. My grandmother has Type 2 and I am the only type one in the family of about 12 cousins on one side and 2 on the other.

Nicam25, our family has eight children, four of whom are Type-1. The odds that your 1-year old (and your new baby) will get Type-1 are higher than average, but still not very high. I would recommend getting your non-Type 1 children tested for antibodies that would give you a better idea about the likelihood of them getting Type 1. Knowing this would allow you to catch it earlier, if they are going to get it, or even give you an opportunity to enter a trial, where researchers are trying to delay and/or prevent it. This website can give you more information.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for your responses.  We did the Trigr study with our second son and he had a 3% chance of getting type 1.  4 days after we brought our third son home from the hospital he was acting crabby, I thought it was jealousy over the new baby my husband said he was acting high, I didn't want to believe it but when we checked his sugars they were 22 (high by Canadian measuring system).  When we took him in that night his A1C was 6.1 but he was developing diabetes.  At least we know the disease.  We do lots of volunteer work with JDRF because we believe that God gave us this challenge for a reason and we will find a cure.

I met a young lady on Saturday who is a twin, 24 years old. She, her twin AND another brother are all type 1. All 3 children in this one family! 

This thread is very interesting. I am the only one in my family with any type of diabetes. I have two siblings, two nieces, two nephews, and seven first cousins. None of them have diabetes of any type. My parents couldn't remember anyone in their families who had diabetes either. As far as anyone in my family knows, I am the first and only one with diabetes. It does make me wonder: if I had children, how high a risk would there be that they would develop diabetes? When I used to flirt with boys at diabetes camp, my sister was horrified: "If you marry a man with diabetes, does that mean your kids will get diabetes?"

My endocrinologist is giving a talk at a seminar sponsored by the Canadian Diabetes Association: "Is my Type 1 diabetes genetic?" I'm very interested in hearing it.

me and my brother both have type 1. the other 3 boys don't have it, and neither of my parents do either.