Multiple Diagnosis

Okay, I know there are a bunch of us who have a second or more diagnosis - Celiac is a good example though not the one I just acquired.  I find myself curious about how many others are facing the management of more than one chronic illness.  



ehh once its official ill have my kidneys on teh list :(

T1 (23yrs)

hypothyroidism (20yrs)

iron-deficiency anemia (18yrs)

T1 - will be 2 years this August

Epilepsy - 5 months, just diagnosed this past December :(

Hyperthyroidism, killed the thyroid so Hypothyroidism since 1995.  Type 1 since 2003.  Of course, along with the Type 1 diagnoses, high cholesterol!  My iron count is high also, when I donate blood it reads 16 to 18 (should be 12-15 for a woman).  We'll see what my Doc says about that on Monday.  To my knowledge, she has never checked it.  I did some searching online and there may ne a connection as to why it is hard to manage by bg levels.


yamahonkawazuki - Wow - the kidney thing is my second biggest fear - next to a nearly neurotic terror about my eyesight - what kind of support are you getting on managing that?  It always seemed a daunting diagnosis to me...

spaghettio - looks like you have some company on the thyroid thing here - that is another balancing act for regulating things, is isn't it?  hats off for carrying two full-time jobs!

Amy -  Epilepsy and T1 - so are you seizing due to low blood sugar or because of the E - WOW - I'd be guilty of giving you a lot of unnecessary glucagon shots, i'm afraid...

Karen -  Thyroid issues+ - and good questions for the doc -sounds like you've been doing a lot of active research and investigation - 

Okay - i am appropriately impressed and humbled by all of you - what an awesome workload on top of the workload...  Guess I'd better get to work if i'm gonna' keep up :)




type 1 since 1993. hypothyroidism since 1999. anemia and asthma last few years

In addition to T1, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, acid reflux, and neuropathy.  I sometimes feel like I am taking too much medication, but at least I am alive and doing pretty well considering I've had T1 for 48 years.



48 years? - I hope I'm doing so well in another 20!  You sound like you're pretty fantastic, to me :)


I'm curious about the asthma thing -when I've had severe upper respiratory infections a few times - my reactions to low blood sugar seems to be way worse- have you noticed an impact on your highs/lows with the asthma?

To everyone who took the time to respond:  Ya'll never cease to amaze and inspire!




I haven't really noticed much of a difference really, but when I have any type of infection my numbers do tend to run higher though.

I was diagnosed with a unknown bleeding disorder in the summer of 2002, i was then diagnosed in 2008 with type 1 diabetes. about 3 months later i was told that i not only had type 1 diabetes but also type 2 as well. since then i was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and an unknown order that makes me lose my breath while sleeping...and no it was not sleep apnea .  

Type 1 for 65 years. No other problems until I was in my late 40s, then I had arthritis and carpal tunnel, In my 60s I had cataracts, gout and prostate cancer. In 1998 I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and take a type 2 med along with my insulin. That makes me a double diabetic. None of these problems have caused me much difficulty, and I doubt any of the, except the insulin resistance, are related to diabetes. I am very healthy!

Had T1,Hashimotos and ciliacs desease since march 2010 diagnosed two weeks appart fom each other.

Recently was told i have Issues with my Kidneys

ontop of other health issues.

Okay - somehow - i lost track of my post at some point :(

Richard - you are amazing.


I almost responded with "you're just an over achiever!"  That is a lot to take in and the kidney thing has to hit the d-fear button pretty heavily (at least it would for me) - It is great to see you here and managing and staying involved with the rest of us.

Ya'll are deeply inspiring!



I'm 33 years in, and have picked up a few other chronic conditions

High Blood Pressure although it seems to be in good control these days thanks to wonders of modern medicine

Thyroid thing

Sleep Apnea

DDrumminMan  -

Sleep Apnea, eh - my you are ALL about percussion, lol -dang

...and you just reminded me i need to call and ask for my ultrasound results on my thyroid...

How much does the thyroid thing mess with the diabetes thing?

and on a more serious note - thanks for sharing and continuing to inspire :)



Thyroid thing is not much to deal with.  I just take one small pill a day to treat that.  I don't really think it messes with it much at all.

You're welcome.

In addition to type 1 for 14 years, I have Hashimotos (currently not being treated though, numbers are still "ok"), and psoriasis-an auto immune skin disease.  Apparently my body thinks itself is the enemy.  The only one that I really have to do much with though is the DM, so I consider myself lucky for now.


Just noticed you're approaching your 10 year anniversary - pretty cool.  I'm not so familiar with Hashimotos - what sort of progression/states do you have to look at there?

Looks like you're doing well -  and congrats on the new CGM!




Hashimoto's is an autoimmune thyroid condition.  I have high anit-TSH antibodies.  So far all that's involved is testing every 6 months of the antibodies, my TSH level, and my T3 and T4 levels.  At this time my T4 and T3 are okay, so we are not treating.  

I'm coming up on my tenth year with the pump, I love that thing.  And I'm very excited about my newest robotic pancreas part, the CGM.  So far its been very interesting to see the trends!