Multiple Diagnosis

Cataracts--surgery on both eyes but still having problems

Thyroid-TSH is now down but struggling with symptoms still

T1 for almost 22 years

Stage 1 kidney disease for almost 13 years

Celiac disease for 9.5 years

Some pretty serious depression for about the last 15 years

... And I've been a sober for 5 years. I'm an alcoholic.


Always got the sense you had a great handle on a lot - somehow I didn't realize quite how much (and I well know that those few lines don't do any of it justice)

The depression caught me a bit by surprise - you are such a bright, shining light and always such a great source of motivation.

Congratulations on the 5 years - that is AWESOME (just in case the T1D wasn't enough of a 24/7 obligation, eh?)

Thank you for all of your time, caring sharing and inspiration!  :)



Depression goes back and forth. Some days are easier than others. Heavy medication works too ;o)

I appreciate your comments. You have responded so warmly to everyone's post. Your kindness doesn't go unappreciated.

My hat is off  to all with the mutiple medical conditions. I can't imagine what you have to go through to control it all. I've been type1 for 44 years and only recently (7 months ago) diagnosed with hypothtroid. After reading all your posts I feel very fortunate...Donna


44 years and THEN add a second - HATS OFF T' YOU! - you're right, too - it is an inspirational and humbling group that you've joined

Oh and C - I call 'em as I see 'em - some days, with some people, it's kind...



Hi all 48 man here Type 1 since 1966 at age 3 currently on Medtronic insulin pump for 4 years  A1c in April 2011 was 6.2.   I also have relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis. You would not know if we ever met. I live alone in Philadelphia PA with 2 dogs

Bill - thanks for shining a bright light on the road ahead!  Oh - and i HAVE to say it: "really?!?!? - You don't LOOK sick..." :D  (okay - sorry, i couldn't help myself)

How long have you known about the MS?



Bill, I just joined Juvenation today specifically looking to talk to someone with T1D and MS.  My husband, 41, T1D since age 9 and on a pump, is seeing neurologist at the moment to determine whether he also has MS.  Some of the treatments they are talking about, like huge doses of steroids, have us really worried.  Any chance we could talk about your experience and, in particular, your thoughts on the compatabilty of the treatment options?  - Tracy