Muscle pains

Hi my son is 21 and was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. Everything is going well besides for the fact that he’s been having muscle pains. I’m not sure if this is related to the diabetes . Maybe it’s anxiety. Anyone have any insight?

Hey I was diagnosed this January and it took about a month or so for it to go away. I had a lot of muscle cramps in my legs and feet I think maybe it was because I was so dehydrated. But I had them still for about a month or so after diagnoses. I’m pretty sure its normal Idk if that helps. :blush:

I’ve had T1 for 50 years and every time I exercise when my blood sugar is going down too fast for the muscles, they cramp when stretched. Good luck. Soon it will happen less.

I have no idea what may be causing your son’s problem with muscle pain, but, I will tell you what happened to me some years ago. It was during a time that I was not having good control. I was frustrated and exhausted. (Long story.) But, over the course of a couple of years, I had extreme muscle pain and stiffness in my legs and arms. When I say extreme soreness, I mean it felt like I had ran a marathon with no prior training. It was horrible. Later, I eventually had two frozen shoulders, for which they could not explain why. Apparently, frozen shoulders are not uncommon with TIs. But, before the frozen shoulders, I consulted with several specialists in different fields and could not get a clear answer. One Rheumatologist said that it almost looked like polymyalgia, (autoimmune relalted) but, it did subside and I regained most of my strength. I’d explore it though and see if they can figure it out and refer him to physical therapy. That has helped me with pain and mobility. I also think gaining better control of my BG has helped.

It could be because of all the damage that the body might have taken prior to being diagnosed probably from the ketones. When I first was diagnosed I lost 80 pounds in 15 days and I had severe cramps when we were still figuring out the correct doses of insulin. They should go away once he is settle but keep a close eye just in case

Hi. My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 21 about a year and a half ago. She had muscle pain and cramping in her calves. Everything went away once things settled and she regained her health. She had lost a tremendous amount of weight. She (and we as a family) follow a low-carb way of eating and her numbers are fabulous. It’s certainly not the only way of eating and not for everyone, but it’s great for her and for us, by default. She definitely requires less insulin. I wish the best for your son.

Hi @sambat7, it is always easy to “blame diabetes” for all our ailments and if your son’s muscle pain is caused by dehydration cramping - as @Phebe suggests, diabetes may be the cause. The onset of my diabetes was at age 15, but that was 63 years ago and I don’t remember any pain.

A constant symptom of the several conditions called Diabetes [Greek word meaning siphon] Mellitus [Sweet or Honey water] is very frequent urination to attempt to rid the body of excess glucose or sugars; this frequent urination tends to cause dehydration which in turn affects our muscles. Also, sufficient insulin is needed for our bodies to utilize the foods we eat; when insulin is not available in sufficient quantity the body will tend to “eat” stored fats and muscle to fuel itself causing keto-acidosis - or DKA. It might be that your son could use this “muscle pain” symptom as a reminder that the very difficult balance between food, activity and insulin needs some work.