Music and Memories

So I'm supposed to be working, but instead got sidetracked when I heard "Starlight" by Muse come on my internet radio station...

Do songs make you think of certain people? For every girl I've dated since pretty much 8th grade, I can associate a song with her. Either a song that made me think of her, or a song that was popular at the time and was playing somewhere we were that made a profound memory.

Same thing with songs and random places/events. Stupid nostalgia.

GF in 8th/9th grade - Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse
10th grade - Drops of Jupiter by Train
11th grade - Who Wouldn't Wanna be Me - Keith Urban
12th grade - here without you - three doors down
freshman yr of college - no gf
soph  year - no gf
jr yr - Starlight by muse
sr yr - Psycho  by puddle of mudd (yeah)

no one since. but stupid songs and memories :-/

Yeah there are certain songs that make me think of ex girlfriends.  A few Paramore songs remind me of my most recent ex.  A couple Cold songs from a girl I dated a few years ago.  Certain rap songs will remind me of nights at my old fraternity house and the people I was with then.

i don't necessarily associate songs with people i've dated (mostly because that number is incredibly low), but songs will remind me of events, sometimes of a person. it's not always just a song, either. the band dispatch reminds me of my friend james (because he introduced me). whenever i hear tom waits, i think of my other friend james because he first introduced me to him (and i thought tom waits was mildly frightening when i first heard him). the song "gently" by slipknot reminds me of when i was 18/19 years old. i could go on. music plays a pretty large role in my life.

"It wasn't me" by Shaggy always reminds me of my first time I went to a night club. I was 17.

"When the world ends" by Dave Matthews: probably the most romantic encounter I've had, now it's our song. (Mine and my husband's.)

"Miserable" by Lit: Also mine and my husband's song. :)

That's just a few.