Musical motivation?

Music is a big motivator in this world. I was  wondering if the rock N roll world artists has ever done anything at all for the American Diabetes Association? Because I think if we were able to get a rock artist, whether it be a big one, like Steven Tyler or KISS, or a smaller group like POD, three doors down, to advocate this cause we could get more donations and more help in general because people listen to music, to there words and meaning. So is there anyway we could do this? Any way we could influence a artist to write a song, do a commercial or something? Does anyone on this site write music? Could you write one and publish it?

well the jonas brothers are always involved i diabetes and stuff like that, but thats because the youngest nick jonas has type one diabetes. he also has a song out called a little bit longer. here is some of the lyrics

Got the news today
Doctors said i had to stay
A little bit longer and I'll be fine

Waitin' on a cure
But none of them are sure
A little bit longer and I'll be fine

So I'll wait 'til kingdom come.
All the highs and lows are gone.
A little bit longer and I'll be fine.
I'll be...fine 

look it up on youtube. its an ok song. i realize the only fans of the jonas brothers are teen age girls, but some other famouse people are 

Mike Echols, NFL

David Pembler, baseball player, Milwaukee Brewers

Wade Wilson, NFL quarterback

Halle Berry, Oscar-winning actress

Mary Tyler Moore, actress and star of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

Victor Garber, actor (“Alias,” “Titanic,” “Sleepless in Seattle”)

Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999

Brett Michaels lol from poison has type one

I am not sure about this but think its cool if true

A new rock band consisting of 4 girls aged 12-15.  The girls, who are all from Southern California, sing about boys, love, dancing and overcoming challenges.  They all have Juvenile Diabetes.  One of their goals is to motivate other teens to deal with the challenges of the disease successfully.  The girls launch "The Pump Girls Whirl Tour", a multi-city tour to introduce their new CD and to raise awareness for teens living with diabetes.  Part of the proceeds from the sale of their CD will go to a special "Pump for a Better Life" Fund which will assist children around the world in need of insulin pump therapy.
Submitted by Bari Baker


wow there really isnt to many most seem to be type 2

ok, I definitely vote against the Joe offense, but ewwwww!  I'm going to think on this's a really good idea!

well i think if we get enough people to write to one person theres more of a chance that they will write a song or do a commercial or what not. we should all agree on a celebrity and write to them... so who do you think???

pump girls aren't new. they were around in 2001 when i went to children's congress. if they're still around they're probably in college or made up of entirely different girls.

what would be ideal, would be to get a band to donate their time (meaning they perform for free). that way after all other expenses are paid, the proceeds could all go towards _________ (insert charity here). if the band is playing for free, you could probably get the arena and other workers to donate their time as well. then the key would be bringing in a big name band so people would buy the tickets. maybe knowing it's a charity concert, the price could be jacked up to bring in more donations. you could also think about "free will donation" stands all over the event too. that might pull in a little extra money as well.

Great ideas guys! I like everyones ideas! I believe we should all post a list of our favorite bands. Plus if we want to do this, if its possible, we should elect a "leader" of this. Someone who has the time to invest in this. Unfortunatly I do not have the time. So, heres my list;

Linkin Park


papa roach


three days grace

three doors down


van halen


Sammy Hagar

Kid Rock


Avenged Seven fold

John Couger Mellencamp

The Eagles



Motley Crue


Keep in mind these groups on my list are very vulger when it comes to language and musical content! What about seeing if it can be a few concerts that go to several different charities? Like Haiti and charities like that?


what about greenday? they're good.

all im going to say is Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus sorry im a big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big fan of her.

I like the idea since for me music has helped me get back to me and really made a difference.

I like both Sam's and C's ideas, what if we could combine them: like have a one day big concert with artists that believe in the cause as well as other such as sports stars, movie stars on a day that would be perfect I think would be WDD and try to get JDRF,CDA & ADA to get involved and we could raise awareness for T1 as well as fundraise for something like the ppl in Haiti or something like that.....

From your list sam I would choose bands like AC DC, for sure but I think we would have to have a good mix of artists to have alot of ppl come(like have some rock, maybe country, pop,)