Musicians with Diabetes

So, you have diabetes. Type one no less. You've gone through the tears and sadness, the endless questions that begin with, "Why  me?" and the countless answers that say "I could have it much worse."

And thats true. You could have it much worse. Thats why Im trying to be understanding about dealing with this annoying disease. It's taking me 10 years to finally come to an understanding. And even at 17, I still have my doubts.

The only way I realized to get through this, was to find a passion. And I found music. While my brother and sister played tennis, a sport that I have been playing since I was 3 till this day, I took piano and voice lessons. Playing music was a way for me to escape this disability. I found a hidden strength in me because lets face it, diabetes made me feel weak and useless. 

Music is therapy. The best kind there is. I'm trying to go to my dream school, NYU or Univ. of Miami. I write songs to express my everyday struggles, not quite like Taylor Swift, but more like Paul Mccartney. 

I believe that through every negative, there is a positive. When a door closes, another one opens. And when God took away a part of me, he gave me music. Even writing this is making me emotional. I feel that I have to do everything now. because I need to make a difference now. Diabetes is happening right now.

What will you do to handle this disease? How will you make a difference?

My Youtube..


Is where I do my music. My songs are on iTunes and all proceeds are going to JDRF.

We need to make a change now. 

So... I youtubed you and I just wanted to say that you have a lovely voice :)

So... I youtubed you and I just wanted to say that you have a lovely voice :)

Aw, thank you so much!

You have a real nice voice. Easy to listen to. 

I used to play a lot in my younger days. When you use a capo it can knock the guitar out of tune, Try adjusting your tuning a bit after you 

put on the capo. It also helps to put it on straight behind the frets, not at a slight angle. 

Erica, wow I take piano lesson when I was in 2nd gread by my aunt by have not done anything beside that, I have been trying to get my dad to find someone who can teach me how to play the piano better but have not found any one. My grandma did it when I was younger for a week when I stay when my aunt. But I have always love mucis, and like you i have thought of it as a way to get a way of diabetes and just play. Erica, all i can say is that you are great and i hope to one day be as good as you are. lol

Thats great that you played and found a way to make you feel better! And thank you so much, thats a really big compliment :)

Ahhh music... where to begin. ;) I love music and I agree completely with it being a way to escape, it is almost like being in a whole seperate world. Music is definitely a powerful thing. It can be inspiring, beautiful, calming, therapeutic and many other things. ;)You have a wonderful voice! Right now I am all over the place. I used to play the trumpet then I moved to guitar, ukulele and now piano. I am very interested in the piano now. I know that wherever I go music will definitely follow. Keep up the awesome work and never give up, you are very talented and you should be proud. :) If you ever want to talk about music or anything just send me a message. :D

Katey :D

So true! Wow, you play so many instruments. And thank you so much :) I love the piano so much too. Its just so...I don't even know haha. I wont! Don't ever give up either because you never know where all of this will lead you :)

And sure, I definitely will! Its nice to know there are people out there who share the same love of music.

Erica, I'm with Mal and some of the others on here.  You do have a very nice voice.  I also think you have good stage, or at least standing in front a video camera in a bathroom presence!  The way you smile and looked into the camera and put your feeling totally into it.  Nice performance of "The Only Exception".  It was my favorite.

I was a drummer/muscian for about 5 years pre diagnosis.  It was fun before and continues to this day.  I never thought about it all that much, bu yeah, I guess it does make you forget about diabetes while your into it.  Except for maybe when you're playing and your hands start to fall asleep and you wonder it it's because you're low, and where did I put those snacks?  But yeah, you're right.

Keep up the good work and keep having fun!

I have a youtube channel too in case you're interested: DDrumminMan's videos  I also play piano/keyboard.  I also have songs on  my myspace linked below in sig.

Thanks for sharing your music and story with us Erica.



Thank you so much :)

Please check out my YouTube!

That's great that you've found music as a stress reliever. i can relate to you. I'm a DJ and there is no better feeling than watching people have the time of their life due to your skills. It makes Diabetes seem like it's something minor :) keep it up! you have a great voice. -DJ CONTRAZ

I play bassoon, so I totally understand the music as a stress reliever.  Music is one of the greatest ways to spread emotion and connect with other people, be it the audience or others on stage with you.  And it's also comforting to know that if you practice enough, you can continue to get better and better, which is nice when you have to deal with an unpredictable disease.  Your voice is beautiful! :)



You have a great voice!   Music definitely helps me when I get depressed or am feeling off.  I am just finishing my degree in music education!  I'm a horn player and a singer.  I also play piano and a little guitar too.  Keep singing and playing!  You have a really strong voice and it's only going to get better and better!   

Keep us updated if you post new videos!  


Are you a senior this year?  Good luck with college auditions and such!



I have to say it is great to hear about others who love music. While I don't take lessons I have been studying guitar for a few years. My favourite music is Classic Rock.

Erica have you tried writing lyrics or your own songs yet? The only thing cooler than playing a great song is playing one that you created.

DDrumminman I listened to your music and man you can lay down a beat. Great stuff.

Jacob awesome to hear that you are getting a degree in music education. Teaching others about music is a great thing.

Everyone keep up the great music!

[quote user="Mark"]

DDrumminman I listened to your music and man you can lay down a beat. Great stuff.


Thanks Mark.  I'm workin' on another one in the studio that should be coming out soon and posted up to myspace. When it's ready I'll let you know.

Erica, it's great you have found something to melt the stress away. 

And as i like to say, you have to find your little something to love. Music is a great thing to fall into, as i am tempted to learn the guitar. I personally love writing. I love writing my thoughts and views on life. And more then that i love hanging with my friends. When i hang with them i feel as if i am just a normal teenager with no problems in the world. until the next day of course.

I wish i could actually sing and play an instrument aha. You have a really good voice, and paramore is an AWESOME band. Good job.

But continue to follow your dreams and let nothing get in the way of that. Be yourself and live your life to the fullest.


Jared you should definitely learn guitar. It is so much fun.

I agree about teaching others. :)