Must be getting sick

I must be getting sick…
I have been hovering between 2 and 300 all week (even over 450)
This week I had to double my insulin and stayed high all week, but today I was over 200 all day and gave myself 5 to 8 extra units a few times today on top of tripling my normal dose and I’m still hovering around 300.
I’m feeling nauseous.
I checked for ketones, been drinking tons of water ( I noticed I have been super thirsty this week) other than that, I’m not sure what to do

Any suggestions?

@Emet, I can relate to what is happening - you mirror almost exactly what I went through this week - for two days. I managed my diabetes almost just as you are doing. I was so high that my CGM flattened out at 400 [maximum reading] for three hours. I’m still running a little higher today. I blamed mine on eating hospital cafeteria food for a couple of days as I sat by a neighbor through jer time in ER & ICU.

The endo checked me out yesterday [scheduled visit] and gave me a good bill of health.

Take good care of yourself and try to stay alert until you are out of the woods.

@Dennis thank you.
Glad to hear I’m managing OK.

I know some of you mentioned that during the spring you get really good results for a week or two, does the opposite happen usually this time of the year?
I’m wondering if it could be related as it started this week just as we changed the clock.

Truth is I also work in a school with over 800 kids from nursery age to 8th grade, And they all have been sick for the last couple of weeks, from cold, flu to strange stomach virus and more.

My basic clue is sugar cravings. I crave sugar so bad with such high sugar readings. All I want to do is eat and eat and eat, which really doesn’t help. My kid is coming home soon from being with her father, I think I’m gonna go to bed at the same time as her and hope I do better tomorrow.

When should I consider seeing my Endo or doc if this doesn’t get better? I’m gonna continue checking my ketones, drink water and add walking tomorrow?( Like @joe mentioned in another post recently)
I’m assuming it’s gonna break at some point but I have no point of reference for what to do if it doesn’t

@Emet, keep managing your diabetes the way you are doing [don’t overload on insulin] and treat yourself for typical school infection. If your sickness persists I’d suggest seeing your GP for possible intervention / medication. Bed rest is my recommended treatment.

Although my BGL was excessively high for a prolonged time, I never showed kytons. When I mentioned this to the endo, she understood because I kept feeding my body sufficient insulin to keep my cells fed from the foods I was eating and y body didn’t need to eat its stored fats.

Hi @Emet!

That totally stinks! Completely frustrating too!!! I’ve found unexplained highs are typicall 1) hormonal 2) infection/illness 3) stress 4) steroids/change in medications 5) insulin quality 6) pump setting or placement or 7) anything else under the sun :rofl:. When rising basal rates & corrections don’t work, I do an injection and change pump setting. If it continues, I would recommend calling your doctor for more assistance.

I once had an ongoing infection from a tooth. Once it was taken care of and I took antibiotics, my sugars plummeted. I hadn’t realized over the course of weeks/months I had been raising my bolus to combat sugar highs due to the tooth infection. Once it was gone, I was caught off guard by the lows. Always proceed with caution. Hope you get everything back to “normal.”

Also - with you being around so many children and adults - you may want to consider the flu shot if you haven’t already. Highly recommend- especially with the holidays coming up! Take care!