Must Have Vitamins

What are the top vitamins that are a must have,you think ? :)

Calcium (okay, it's a mineral, but it's important). Vitamin D.

Women are most deficient in those.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also a good idea (not a mineral or a vitamin, but helps keep you healthy). Omega-3s help reduce inflammation, lower your bad cholesterol/raise your good cholesterol, and keep your brain healthy.

thanks C,I am with you on the Omega 3,and we added the exta D,What about the calcium ? Just look for that in a tablet ? Thanks for the info :)

however you want to get it is fine. of course, food is the best because it's easiest absorbed, but pill form, chewable form (like viactiv), or whatever would work. lots and lots of milk products are being fortified with vit d and calcium now, so it really shouldn't be too difficult for you to get plenty.

I am a firm believer in Fish Oil

me too - fish oil and a daily multivitamin are the two that I wouldn't go without.

I've been taking B12, D, Calcium, Women's Multi-Vitamin - all as per my doctor's instructions.

I've also started taking this nutritional supplement, Zija, that has made such a huge difference in how I feel...I will never go without it again.  I'm looking forward to seeing how my bloodwork looks next time!

There are a lot of choices out there...just choose what works and feels best for you!


I take a bunch of vitamins and supplements every day: 

1. A Multivitamin called Multibetic.  It has the basic vitamin/mineral blend plus a bunch of other stuff that helps increase insulin sensitivity (chromium etc.)

2. Chewable Vitamin C (to improve my immune system)

3. Folic acid (I'm trying to grow my hair longer)

4. Chewable Acidophilus/Bifidus (gastrointestinal health)

5. Sublingual Liquid B vitamins (I'm a vegetarian so I just like to make sure I'm getting all my B's)

6. Aspirin

:)  It's a lot but I've thought it through and really like my regimine right now.  My Dr. also told me to add a Vitamin D supplement so I will be adding that also.


My doctor recommended that I start taking Altace pills. Does anyone know what exactly this is for or if it is necessary that I take them? He made me stop taking folic acid and fish oil pills because he said they weren't necessary...but I do take a once-a-day vitamin.

if you plan on having children, folic acid is a really good idea. fish oil (omega-3s) are good for heart health and brain function. they won't harm you if you continue to take them.

altace is an anti-hypertensive drug (high blood pressure). it's an ACE-inhibitor so it can be used to preserve kidney function. if he recommended it, he could be worried about your kidneys. i take a low dose ACE-inhibitor and my kidneys work great (now)!

Thank you so much for the information!! That is extremely helpful!! :)

The best thing to take is Transfer Factor Plus. It is an immune booster that I started taking once I was diagnosed. It has really changed my life, I do not get sick anymore (used to get the common cold, but no longer). I am always around germs being a teacher, but this helps me with those. Just an idea for people that get sick often, or also have bad allergies.

Vit. D definitely. Most people are deficient and don't know it.

I take iron once in a while too, especially when I know I haven't been eating foods that have iron in them.