My 1 Year Anniversary

Well it was exactly one year ago today that my husband rushed me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  This year has definitely had its ups and downs but I've got to say that I was able to get through it thanks in part to my wonderful husband and being a part of this site.  If I was ever having a bad diabetes day, I would just log on here and read the forums and realize that I wasn't alone in this battle.  So.. thanks so much everyone!!!

We could get a cake to celebrate and see whose carb counting/bolus skills are the most accurate.  =)

congratulations, amy. glad to see you on here :o)



I admit the price to join this group (T1's) is a little high - what  with having to get a disease and get externally made insulin and find a way to push it  internally while keeping  yourself safe by poking holes and bleeding on little strips and then more medical visits and more testing and... okay - the price is WAY too high, lol - but with that said, you are a wonderful part of this community and congratulations on getting that first year under your belt.  It sounds to me like you are off to a really tremendous start!





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Hi Amy

Well you know any group or club you join worth has to be exclusive to make it interesting.  Anyone can make money and join a country club but this club you have to get a disease to join. Not everyone can can do that.

And look at all the other perks (o.k. we don't have a golf course or a pool) but we have cool toys and get to look like doctors when we draw up the insulin. Heck, even better than doctors cause most can draw it with one hand. lol.

Congratulations on surviving the first year. It will get easier.

Maybe the club could have t-shirts - I survived my first T1 year and all I got was this lousy T-shirt, and a meter,and a  pump, and test strips and  insulin, and needles, and alcohol pads, and a  lancing devices, and a bottle of ketone strips, and . . . . .)  

We just have to get them to allow the pumps to act as an mp3 player that will dowmload music. Maybe some apps also to play games.