My 12 yr old daughter needs a friend her age

My name is Jacklyn and my daughter Rachel is 12 years old and has been diagnosed for almost 3 1/2 years. I would love her to make some friends. She has been feeling alone and not wanting to go to school due to anxiety and some panic attacks. It’s hard to see her feel this way. I really just wish she can have some real friends that understand her. She is into Anime and loves to draw, write and listen to music. She love all animals!

Hi @Jacklyng84! There are usually a few posts on the forum from people looking for friends. Type “friends” in the search engine and they’ll pop up, usually indicating the age group they’re in, and some are around your daughter’s age.
It’s possible to send instant messages to users within the site, which may be safer than posting email info until you’re comfortable.
Also, you could check with her endo and see if there are other kids looking for same and have agreed to share their contact info (and whose parents have allowed them, as the case may be).

@Jacklyng84 welcome to TypeOneNation. I’m T1 and I’m also a volunteer moderator here The forum is “public” and searchable from various search engines even outside the JDRF which means anyone could find your daughter’s email. Even some people on this forum may not be who they claim they are and so overall safety is something to be aware of. I agree with @wadawabbit Dories suggestion and want to add that if you’d like me to remove the email address from your first post I can .

A great way to make friends is through special interest groups outside of school, such as a foreign language, art/craft, etc. class/group/Meetup and volunteering. :tulip::tulip::tulip:

Hi Jacklyn,
I have a 12 year old daughter that was diagnosed almost 6 years ago. She would like to get to know your daughter. She does not have her own phone and I monitor her on emails and on the computer. Let me know if you would like them to talk.
Cindy (mom)

I am 13 yrs old with t1
Let me know if you are interested
Heres my email

Hey my 11 year old Jaelyn was diagnosed type one back in November I would love her to make some friends with girls who are also type 1. You can email me at and I’ll give you my daughters info!

Wow your story about your daughter is exactly what my 12 yr old son is going through . He is in 7th grade and has had a lot of anxiety to the point we decided to homeschool him the remainder of the year and he too is so lonely he needs a friend . We live in N.C. I’m not sure where your from but message me my sons name is Wesley and my name is Crystal .
My email is

My daughter’s 11, Dx’d at 6. We’re in St. Petersburg, FL. Message me if we can put the girls in touch!

@joe - so cool you’re a volunteer moderator here! Sorry to tag you specifically but I couldn’t find a way to tag the forum specifically so maybe you could pass this on: I remember having great fun at diabetes summer camp as a child/tween. Perhaps the forum could post some links to help parents find some? Now would be a good time to start looking for some in their area, and budgeting.

Hi again all. This is a little off topic but I had to say - it’s wonderful that a number of people have shared their contact information so the original post-er’s daughter could connect with them or their child. I may be overly cautious (it’s how I am) but it can be dangerous to post your personal contact info openly. As @joe said in one reply, anyone can access this forum and could copy your email. I was doing a Google search one day and something I had posted here came up in the search results!
Goodness knows some of us get enough “junk email” as it is, and some of those messages contain harmful links, etc. I would suggest clicking on the name of the person who posted - that will give you the option of sending them a private message via the forum, and if you choose to share your email with them there it’s not available for the world to see.
Just a safety suggestion.

@wadawabbit thank you Dorie. As you said everything posted on the forum is searchable by Google and the hundreds of other search systems on the internet. Think of it as posting on a giant billboard outside. PM through this sites messaging system is not public, although you can never actually tell who you are talking to.

Please be safe.

Also Dorie, I’ve been traveling so I am sorry for the delay in reply but I can ask the site admins if we can add the bigger diabetes camps to our resource tab- the only complication is that the JDRF can’t vet them all and so referencing a site that wasn’t checked is tough. I always try to get parents to consider camps near them and check them out - it’s a great suggestion.

Thanks Joe, and welcome back!

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Hi, I’m 13 and I’ve had T1D for 5 years. I’d love to talk to your daughter, or any other type one teens. Feel free to contact me, my email is, my snap is Zoe_r6948, and my phone number is 617-785-6460.