My 3 year old's DD red satin bra

I've worn a pump for about 10 years.  My daughter was diagnosed shortly after she turned 3.  She has seen me handle my pump, check my bg, etc. so she was familiar with everything.  I usually wear my pump hooked onto the middle of my bra so she would see me reach up my shirt and take it out and put it back after a bolus.  The day came where she started on a pump.  We were in a store and I was looking at some PJ's.  All of a sudden I heard "MOMMMMM, THIS IS THE ONE I'M GONNA USE".  I turned around to see my little girl walking toward me with this bright red, satin, DD bra....the cups were so big that her head could have easily fit in it!  Here she thought that she had to pick out a bra to hook her pump on too!!   

Hahaha awe...  that's too cute!


OMG ! that's funny.

i cant stop laughing!!!!

thats about the cutest thing ive ever heard!!

that is so cute