My 6 yr. old son diagnosed 10/09, and my daughter was now!

I just found out the my daughter also has diabetes.  We had just gone to Hayden's appoint a couple of weeks ago and his endo. doc said to Elisabeth that she didn't have to worry about having diabetes because it was such a small percentage.  Elisabeth for some reason was worrying about it.

I took her to the doctor because she just seemed to be too thin.  She was getting taller and boney.  We go and she is weighed in, blood pressure, etc...  She is fine in her growth pattern, she little but that is just her, she is low on Her BMI and the doctor said lets just start carnation instant or boost for kids.  At the end of the appointment she says lets go ahead and get a urine sample since your younger brother is diabetic.  She also gave us a sheet for blood work.  I get home and they left a message to call.  I had no clue what was coming at me.  I felt like my heart and brain were going to explode when she said they were pretty sure she was diabetic.

We went to the children's hospital after more blood work and I am there again, same floor, same hospital, same reason.  Less than a year apart.  I did get to go home with her in less than a day because I already knew how to take care of a diabetic child.  It was sooo hard to accept Hayden having it and now Elisabeth has it also.  I still can't even believe it has happened.  I just feel like the my heart is on fire.

I just wanted to write to vent.  I have all this anger, heartbreat, sadness, hit me in the gut feelings.  I had to watch my husband cry because she was also diabetic, we had one more to worry about.  I wasn't scared like I was the first time I went to the hospital with Hayden, but then you still feel scared to see how she is going to handle this.  She so far is doing pretty good, but sometimes we have to hold her down to give her a shot.  She is 8, and I know this is so hard for her.  She keeps holding it off and then just can't seem to just let us do the shot.  She is having trouble accepting it too.

I know we are not the only family out there with more than one child with Diabetes, but it feels like it.

Oh my gosh!  I have tears in my eyes!  So sorry that this is happening to your family!

I'm so sorry.  I can only imagine the heartbreak your family is going through now. 

I recently came across the blog of a mom who has four boys, three of whom have Type 1.  She's such an inspiration in the way she handles the day-to-day challenges, with a grain of salt and a sense of humor, and is quick to reach out to other families who contact her.  You may want to check in on her blog when you have a few minutes.  Even on bad days, she makes me laugh.




This sounds just like my story,  My husband was dx at the age of 16 months my oldest son was dx at 2 1/2 and two months later my youngest son was dx at the age of 16 months also.  It has been over 2 years now it has gotten a little better but it still is the hardest thing i have ever had to do.  I think the percentages are higher than they would want you to believe.  If you ever need anything just let me know.........

I am so sorry for your pain. It seems like I am coming across more and more siblings that are type ones. A girl in my sons class was just dxed and her brother is also type one. Her parents didnt even see it coming.